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Everyone knows that one of the highlights of an engagement is when the gentleman pops the question and pulls out the little velvet box with the dazzling diamond ring in it.

Everyone knows that one of the highlights of an engagement is when the gentleman pops the question and pulls out the little velvet box with the dazzling diamond ring in it. Showing off her engagement ring is naturally one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning period for a woman who is engaged. But it is not only the ladies who get to receive something special in honor of an engagement; these days engagement gifts for grooms are becoming more and more common.

It is still the case that the engagement ring for a woman is considered to be almost mandatory, whereas a reciprocal gift for the groom is more of an optional thing. However, more brides than ever are deciding that their fiances also deserve a piece of jewelry or some other valuable article to mark this important occasion. Since the choices are wide open, it can be a bit daunting to try to pick out the perfect engagement gift for a groom-to-be. That is where this handy guide will make life easier.

The groom's engagement gift is not to be confused with the wedding presents that a bride and groom will customarily exchange on the morning of their nuptials. This gift comes much earlier on, usually very shortly after the couple decides to get married. One reason for the rise in popularity of a pre-wedding gift for the groom is that it has become more common for the woman to propose than it used to be. In these instances, it is only natural that the one popping the question should feel like she ought to have some equivalent to the engagement ring that a man offers when he proposes marriage.

Once some women began offering engagement gifts to their boyfriends during a proposal, other engaged women started to take notice, and think that it was a nice idea. After all, deciding to commit to a new life together is as big a milestone for a man as for a woman, so why shouldn't he have something special that will always remind him of that time in his life? Once decide that an engagement gift is a good idea, the next step is to figure out just what it should be.

Masculine jewelry tops the list of the most popular gifts for grooms. Depending on budget, the gift could be of a similar value to engagement ring, or it could be quite a bit less costly. In most cases, the engagement gift is something that has some value, but is no where near as expensive as the bride's ring. It is really more about the gesture than it is about matching his gift dollar for dollar.

One of the best choices is a really nice watch. Either a wristwatch or a silver pocketwatch would be an excellent choice. The wristwatch will obviously be a bit more practical for everyday use, but the pocketwatch has a certain old-fashioned charm. If do decide to go with a watch, buy the best one that can afford, and have it engraved with initials or a sentimental message on the back.

Silver cufflinks are another excellent choice for an engagement gift. If are not sure where to shop for such an item, a good place to look is at a store that specializes in groomsmen gifts. They will usually have one of the best selections of silver cufflinks that can be personalized as gifts for the groom or the groomsmen. If give fiance cufflinks, a great follow-up gift would be a shirt with French cuffs that he can wear with the cufflinks for wedding day.

These are a few top suggestions, but feel free to let imagination run wild. can always choose a present that relates to one of fiance's interests, like a new set of golf clubs or a cigar humidor. Whatever choose, as long as it is a gift from the heart, fiance is sure to love it.

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