Energy Smart Industry introduces energy-saving LED lighting for condos and apartments

Leading Florida-based LED lighting systems provider, Energy Smart Industry (ESI) announced that its products are well-suited to condos and apartment buildings With its energy saving lighting.

Florida based Energy Smart Industry announced that its LED lighting systems are especially suited for condo lighting and apartment lighting. With its LED retrofit lighting condo associations can expect at least a 40% saving on their electricity bills.

Commenting on this, Mr. David Houri, Energy Smart Industry says, "We've begun introducing LED retrofit lighting in condos in a big way. Two of our clients, Ocean Palms and Hollywood Station Condiminium have already benefited hugely with our energy-saving lighting. The entire building was retrofitted with LED lighting systems: right from the lobby to the parking lot to the gym. We see more and more condo associations taking to LED lighting, because there tangible benefits to be seen."

For instance, ESI's client Hollywood Station is expected to see a $ 33,000 saving on its energy bill. All recreation areas, lobbies, hallways and public areas were retrofitted with LED lighting that not only saves energy but brightens up rooms like never before. This condo lighting, ESI believes, will have the effect of reducing 45 tons of CO2 emissions from the environment, taking 8 cars off the road and planting 11 acres of trees.

What is even more attractive to condo associations is that this lighting retrofit happens at zero cost down for equipment that can cost as much as $ 100,000. ESI has launched a unique Green Lease Manage Program, under which clients only pay an agreed percentage of the savings on energy bills. They do not have any out-of-pocket expenses.

Adds Mr. Houri, "We find that the GLMP works well for condo associations, who, at first might be apprehensive about the LED retrofit and unwilling to make upfront payments. When customers actually see savings on their energy bill, they give us only an agreed percentage of their savings. We feel that when it comes to apartment lighting and condo lighting, LED retrofits are the way forward. This is true also because LED lighting improves the look of the condo with mood lighting as well as bright LED lighting, adding to its resale value."

As a standard procedure, ESI first performs a lighting system audit and analysis of the condo to identify the LED lighting retrofit solutions. Utility bills are reviewed before designing a retrofit plan to give the condo energy-efficient lighting. The objective is not only to save money but to help the environment too. Utilizing sophisticated computer software, ESI's engineers propose a LED lighting solution specific to the condo's requirements and in keeping with IESNA (Illumination Engineering Society of North America) standards.

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