Emerging Leaders From The Arab World To Observe U.S. Electoral System Firsthand In Los Angeles

Sixteen opinion leaders from the Near East have been handpicked by U.S. ambassadors visit Los Angeles to learn about the U.S. election process firsthand.

Sixteen opinion leaders from the Near East have been handpicked by U.S. Ambassadors to visit Los Angeles and learn about the U.S. election process firsthand. On election day these emerging leaders, who are involved in promoting democracy in their countries, will observe the U.S. political process by visiting polling locations and participating in other election day activities throughout Greater Los Angeles. When they return home they will share the insights they have gained with the people in their countries. Arranged by the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles, this exchange initiative is part of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs' International Visitor Leadership Program.

Their program commenced in Washington D.C. with an orientation to the U.S. political process. The Election Fellows will visit one of five battleground or swing states, and then travel to follow Election Day activities in Los Angeles, to observe voting and engage informally with voters. Scheduled and spontaneous venues will include campaign events, town hall meetings, briefings on voter registration procedures and rules governing polling places, and meetings with campaign workers involved in operating phone banks, leafleting, and coordinating transportation to polling stations. The day will culminate with the Fellows attending election-watch social events to witness victory and concession speeches alongside members of their host communities.

Delegates include Members of Parliament from Egypt and Morocco, a Political Advisor from the Palestinian Territories and Journalists from Bahrain and Lebanon. They will be available for interviews on the day of elections for any interested media. Please contact IVCLA for more details.