Emergency Surgery for Strangulated Hernia

A strangulated hernia is a protrusion of part of the intestine into a weak spot along the abdominal wall which causes the part to become entrapped thereby cutting off its blood supply.

This situation may lead to tissue death (gangrene) and severe complications. Strangulated hernias are generally very painful and require emergent medical attention. Some studies have concluded an increased risk of mortality for emergency hernia surgery compared to an elective surgery.

Strangulation may cause sudden severe uncontrollable pain and discomfort associated with vomiting, fever, constipation or burning sensation around the hernia.

A strangulated hernia repair involves releasing the trapped part of the intestine and returning it into the abdominal cavity. This process is necessary before the entrapped part is damaged permanently. A repair of the abdominal wall should be carried out immediately to prevent repeated herniation. However, it is common in the emergency room to release and return the entrapped part to its original position without a mesh repair claiming it to be a risky situation. Therefore, it is always recommended to treat a hernia before it reaches the level of becoming strangulated. However, it is preferable to repair a hernia by routine surgery rather than by emergency surgery.

Some differences between surgeries performed for strangulated hernia and normal elective hernia surgery are listed below.

Strangulated Hernia surgery
Elective Hernia Surgery
Emergency situation
Non-emergent situation
Hospitalisation for 3 to 4 days

Discharged on the same day
Fixed low cost
High risk of complications
Low risk of complications
Mesh repair is risky
Tension-free mesh can be used
Ablating of intestine may be required
Ablation not necessary

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