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Elliot Scientificnd to offer World's Smallest 100 mW 'UV' Laser from KLASTECH

Compact ultra-violet CW DPSS laser outputs at 266 nm: ideal for many Research and Industrial applications

Elliot Scientific is now taking advanced orders for a compact CW DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) laser that outputs in the UV at a wavelength of 266 nm. The VERVE, as the laser has been named, was recently demonstrated by Elliot Scientific at October's Photonex '09 Exhibition in Stoneleigh, near Coventry.

Initially available with powers of up to 100 mW, the new laser features a unique miniaturised double cavity and nitrogen sealed UV optics. Its continuous wave operation opens up many exciting avenues for researchers, such as in UV spectroscopy, or for industrial applications like semiconductor inspection.

Featuring massively reduced power consumption and minimal heat generation, VERVE requires no water cooling or nitrogen purging - significantly reducing the lifetime running costs of the laser. It remains mechanically stable throughout operation and beam pointing stability is maintained to better than 10 µrad/°C.

In common with all other KLASTECH lasers, VERVE exhibits silent running (< 0.5% rms noise), provides a diffraction limited output beam with an M2 better than 1.05 and achieves long term power stability of less than 2%. Based on the company's new iMAT - impedance Matched Amplification Tuned - laser technology, VERVE produces an inherently Pitch Perfect single frequency performance with a line width of less than 1 MHz.

Elliot Scientific is taking advance orders for 25, 50 and 100 mW versions, while KLASTECH are planning to release higher powers in 2010.

KLASTECH - Karpushko Laser Technologies GmbH, is a fresh and innovative company working at the leading edge of modern laser technology. Committed to continuously advancing their laser products through pioneering development and original design, KLASTECH's single frequency diode-pumped solid state lasers offer ultra-high second harmonic conversion efficiency.

Elliot Scientific also offer a number of other compact laser modules of various powers covering the key single wavelengths of 488, 532 694.3 and 1064 nm, and will add new ones as they are released by KLASTECH.

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