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Elliot Scientific Broaden Range for 2010: Adds New Principal and Products

Today, at Photonics West, Elliot Scientific signed an agreement with AKELA Laser Corporation to offer their high-power laser diodes to users in the UK & Ireland. In addition, Elliot also launched a new Optical Tweezer system and Femtolaser products.

Elliot Scientific is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement with AKELA Laser Corporation of Monmouth Junction, New Jersey today at Photonic West - the the world's leading photonics, laser and biomedical optics event in San Francisco.

AKELA is a high power laser diode manufacturer of custom multi-mode and single mode pulsed and CW diode lasers, diode laser modules, diode laser bars, arrays and opto-mechanical sub-assemblies in wavelengths ranging from 635nm to greater than 2 microns. In addition to custom packages and sub-assemblies, AKELA also offer high power laser diodes in a wide array of standard packages in single emitter, multi-element module and bar configurations.

AKELA will complement Elliot Scientific's existing portfolio of products for the telecom industry, and OEMs requiring compact high-power laser sources. This is especially true in the IR region where AKELA sources offer 2 to 3 times more power than competing products.

With the widest choice of wavelengths from 635 nm onwards, AKELA's products enable Elliot Scientific to offer the industry's most complete range of laser diodes to customers within the UK and Ireland.

Optical Tweezer

Elliot Scientific has also launched a new version of the E3500 computer-controlled multiple-trap optical tweezer system with E4100 QPD (Quadrant Photo Detector) force measurement facility. The system utilises two fibre-coupled lasers: one for trapping and the other for the probe beam.

The tweezer was built into a high-end Nikon microscope and a similar system will be demonstrated by our tweezer team at February 2010's Biophysical Society's 54th Annual Meeting in San Francisco - Booth 904.


Two new lasers and a much expanded optics catalogue from Femtolasers have also been announced.

The FEMTOSOURCE scientific XL 650 is the most powerful Chirped Pulse Oscillator of the scientific XL family, offering >13MW of peak power and over 650 nJ in 1MW of peak power and mode-locked average output power exceeding 1W with all the features of a state-of-the-art ultrafast laser.

Both lasers are designed specifically for demanding applications such as materials processing, coherent THz generation, time resolved spectroscopy and multi-photon processes.

The new 100-page FEMTOOPTICS catalogue features all the standard optics and components essential for any femtosecond laser application.

More details, such as downloads and datsheets, can be found for all the above at: www.elliotscientific.com

Alternatively, email sales@elliotscientific.com or telephone +44 (0)1582 766300 for more information.

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