Electronic Cigarette Company Smoovcigs Names Official Distributers

Smoov Electronic Cigarettes hits retail Outlets. Customers pleased by the performance and price.

Smoovcigs owner Andre Liszka is pleased to announce two new distributers.

Juicyvapor in Tonawanda New York and The Vaporium in Lakewood Washington will be the first to carry our new product line says Andre Liszka "We feel that these two companies are a perfect fit for our products. They share the same dedication and commitment to their customers that we do and we are proud to have them be part of this new and exciting product".

Smoov is also a preferred business partner of Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. "To be able to work with some of the indutry leaders is a great pleasure" Says Andre Liszka who also owns The House Of Vapor.

The product is an Electronic Cigarette. Although many Electronic Cigarette models are on the market today Smoov was designed to perform like the larger and more powerful models on the market but with the feel and size of a traditional cigarette.

Good things come in small packages. We found that many customers wanted big vapor and big flavor without a big device or a big price tag so we made just that.

The device comes in 2 sizes, 65mm and 78mm kits and is offered in 5 colors. Althouh we just launched this product we are already workign on a new model that will set the standard for electronic cigarettes.

The New Model? We can not disclose to much information but we can say that it will set the standard for vapor prodcution in the Electronic Cigarette Market.

Juicyvapor offers Smoov Products online and in their retail store. The Vaporium offers Smoov Products through thier retail outlet.

About Smoov. Smoov is an electronic cigarette that has been designed by a team of experts with vast electronic cigarette experience. Each component of the Smoov ecig ,from the Guardian microchip to the heating element of the cartomizers, have been designed to provide the most amount of vapor. In addition to vapor production the smoov cig also has been designed to protect itself. The Guardian microchip protects the battery from sound , vibration and over charging. The Leak resistant air port also protects the battery from excess eliquid entering the battery. A new feature rarley seen on automatic batteries

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