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Electronic Cigarette - A New Threat To Tobacco Producers

Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity over tobacco cigarettes that gave rise to an economic threat to the farmer who manufacture tobacco in North Caroline.

The excessive popularity of electronic cigarette among the traditional smokers triggered an economic threat to the farmers who manufacture ample amount of tobacco in North Caroline belt.

Lately, e-cigarettes are winning over the tobacco smoking community so rapidly that several reports and survey concluded that, this battery-powered device could surpass the long-reigning tobacco cigarette within a decade.

The operation process of this device is the most enticing aspect of e-cigarette. And as per many vendors the battery and e-liquid are the USP of electronic cigarette which helped to increase vapers in the vaping community. The electronic cigarette usually heats up the e-liquid with the atomizer to produce vapor and it offers vapor through the mouth piece to the users. The e-liquid is generally a nicotine solution of lower strength that helps ensure to slow down the addiction for tobacco cigarettes.

The nicotine for the e-liquid that gets extracted from tobacco generally takes less tobacco for manufacturing the ingredient of the electronic cigarette compared to the tobacco cigarettes. With this, it is becoming an economic threat not only to the farmers but also to the major tobacco companies.

However, it is much interesting to watch the rising popularity of this battery-powered device but, the declining demand for tobacco cigarette is proving an upcoming threat to the country's economy. With this effect on economy, many tobacco companies are making a shift towards the selling of electronic cigarette.

Consequently, with the declining market of tobacco cigarette, electronic cigarettes are evolving rapidly with diverse varieties of mechanisms and e-liquid flavors.
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