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The Green Machine 4011-F Comes Fully-Packaged with the Lowest ORC Cost in the Market

ElectraTherm, a leader in distributed power generation from waste heat, announces a 35kWe low cost Green Machine, the 4011-F, as a turnkey Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) packaged solution. The 4011-F is ElectraTherm's lowest output machine at 35kWe, ideal for smaller heat sources with low temperature waste heat (i.e. 500kW stationary engine). The machine marks ElectraTherm's first plug-and-play ORC package for simple installation and commissioning, with the lowest market costs for commercial heat to power technology of its kind.

ElectraTherm's 4011-F fully-integrated package includes the following:

• Green Machine 4011-F at 35kWe, available in both 50 & 60 Hz
• Liquid loop radiator
• Working fluid
• Start-up and commissioning
• Hot water bypass (if required)

The package is available at the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of Ђ193,000/US$262,000. Product details are available here. The Green Machine 4011-F generates fuel-free, emission-free electricity utilizing waste heat between 77-116°C (170-240°F) and flow rates between 3.2-12.6 l/s (50-200 GPM) to produce up to 35kWe.

"ElectraTherm developed the 4011-F package based on requests from our customers for a turnkey solution that requires nothing more than connecting hot water to the ORC, and connection to the grid," said Robert Emrich, Vice President of Sales at ElectraTherm. "Our simple installation and maintenance requirements are even easier to achieve with this model and our customers reap the benefits with lower installation costs and a very attractive return on investment."

The Green Machine 4011-F joins ElectraTherm's initial Series 4000 product, the Green Machine 4010, which offers outputs up to 65kWe, and the recently announced Green Machine 4020, ElectraTherm's highest output ORC at up to 110kWe.

ElectraTherm's heat to power generators lead the market for commercialized small-scale ORC technology. The Green Machine fleet has accumulated more than 154,000 hours run time at 97% availability, with 26 machines installed and 25 in process. Green Machines utilize waste heat on applications such as internal combustion engines, biomass/biogas, boilers/process heat, geothermal/co-produced fluids and solar thermal.

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