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Elbert Construction Sustainability Efforts Featured in Roofing Contractor Magazine

TJ Elbert, Owner of Elbert Construction has been featured on the cover of Roofing Contractor Magazine's April 2014 issue on recycling and sustainability in the roofing business.

TJ Elbert, Owner of Elbert Construction has been featured on the cover of Roofing Contractor Magazine's April 2014 issue on recycling and sustainability in the roofing business.

Roofing Contractor, the premier publication of the roofing industry, asked contractors from various parts of the country who have successfully implemented recycling programs to share their insights and experiences at the Recycling Round Table, an event held at the Wigwam Resort in Phoenix. The event allowed these peers to discuss their successes, ongoing challenges and plans for the future when it comes to recycling.

In an industry where massive amounts of shingle debris is created every day, recycling has become much more necessary and prevalent, and Elbert Construction is at the forefront of this change.

Elbert Construction's Shingle Recycling Program

This development stems from Elbert Construction's desire to make roofing work as sustainable as possible. To do so, Elbert currently participates in a self-created "Shingle Recycling Program", in which old or unusable shingles are taken to the recycling plant rather than to the landfill.

So far, customers currently participating in that pledge have collectively recycled 101,000 tons of shingles. Those shingles were ground up, melted down, and used to pave roads in the greater Indianapolis community. To date, over 1000 miles of roads have been paved in Indiana!

In fact, demonstrating the impact of these recycled shingles is something that TJ emphasizes with every customer, as he describes in the article:

"We do an in-home presentation on our iPad or laptop computer that has slides that relate to shingle recycling and our pledge with Owens Corning," he said. He's found converting the amount of roofing material recycled to miles of roadway makes an impression on homeowners. "When you compare that to how many trips it would be around Highway 465 in Indianapolis, it really gets the point across."

Investing in Sustainability

Doing the right thing for the community and the planet doesn't just happen automatically. A commitment to sustainability has required some upfront investments, according to Roofing Contractor:

'Elbert Construction has invested in its own dump trailers because there are limitations on the types of trailers available at the recycling centers. "Some of the trailers don't dump, and they have to attach a long chain to it and drag it out back," Elbert noted. "You have to ask if the recycling center does 'pull offs.' There are also some inconsistencies in our market with the recycling centers as far as the types of things other than shingles you can bring in." Some allow plastic wrappers, for example, while others don't."'

This commitment to our customers and environment is just part of what makes Elbert Construction stand out. Sustainability is only going to become more crucial in the coming years. Make sure your roofing investment protects both your home and your environment!


Elbert Construction specializes in residential and commercial roofing replacement, siding installation, attic insulation, and storm damage and gutter repairs in Indianapolis, IN area. We also do roofing, siding, gutters, and windows light commercial such as multi-family, senior living, and churches. We guarantee all of our workmanship for 5 years, and if you choose our Platinum or Golden Pledge warranty, you get a lifetime guarantee! In your FREE 10 Point Roofing Inspection and Estimate, we do a free in home video presentation and roof inspection and take pictures of your roof, showing you exactly what is going on and how much life it has left.

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