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Eight Games Industry Investments By IVentureCapital in 2012

Hamburg, 11 December 2012: This year, German venture capital provider, iVentureCapital (www.iventurecapital.com) made significant investments in the games industry.

The numbers speak for themselves: In 2012, more than 300 games companies were screened, 60 were evaluated extensively, and eight enterprises received up to seven-figure investments. This makes the venture capital firm one of Germany's leading games industry investors. All iVentureCapital investments benefit from synergy effects between the portfolio companies and are supported with comprehensive entrepreneurial expertise based on their individual requirements. For example, the investor contributes years of experience in online and affiliate marketing, billing, traffic generation and the monetization of online content.

As a medium- to long-term investor, iVentureCapital has an interest in all its portfolio companies achieving success and stable growth as quickly as possible. The experienced Internet entrepreneurs host regular 'Workshop & Dinner' events to support a targeted exchange and create synergies between the companies.

Following the investment in June, developer MobileBits is about to publish a comprehensive update for its multi-platform-capable action RPG, "SoulCraft" (www.soulcraftgame.com). The update improves gameplay by introducing expanded attack capabilities, adding new character skins and elixirs, and enabling special offers for in-game items.

"Since iVentureCapital came on board in MobileBits' most recent financing round, we have come to greatly appreciate the support and broad expertise which iVentureCapital provides. Our collaboration is an absolute enhancement, and we are benefiting from being in close contact with the other portfolio companies on a number of different issues," as Karsten Wysk, CEO of MobileBits, remarks.

Marius Follert, Managing Director of Farbflut Entertainment, adds: "iVentureCapital's experience in monetization, analytics, payment systems and traffic generation helps us both strategically and operationally. Our online games, Bumrise.com and Knastvoegel.de, have been attracting many new players since our cooperation with TrafficCaptain began." And, perfectly timed with the run-up to Christmas, Farbflut Entertainment's Bumrise (www.bumrise.com) is offering a richly-filled Advent season event program.

Pro 3 Games has successfully launched the closed beta version of "Starforce Delta" (www.starforcedelta.com). "We are thrilled with the support we are getting from iVentureCapital in the critical start-up phase and with the help we are receiving with monetizing and completing the game," Alexander Seifert, CEO of Pro 3 Games, points out.

To date, Infernum's free-to-play shooter, "Brickforce" (www.brick-force.com) has reached a count of more than 1.5 million players. By acquiring the Europe-wide marketing license for the MMORPG, "Dragon's Prophet" (www.dp-europe.com), Infernum has positioned itself as a successful publisher alongside industry heavyweights such as Sony Online Entertainment, publisher of the free-to-play game title in the USA.

Just as its eight portfolio companies, iVentureCapital arrives at a positive assessment of the closing year, and is set to continue its search for innovative start-ups, mobile or browser game developers, game portals, and affiliate and ad programs in Europe and North America for new investments in 2013.

iVentureCapital holds shares in the Californian mobile start-up Kamcord (www.kamcord.com) and game development companies, Farbflut Entertainment (www.farbflut.com), Infernum (www.infernum.com), MobileBits (www.mobilebits.de) and Pro 3 Games (www.pro3games.com), as well as the portal Games.de (www.games.de), the 'Games Performance Network' TrafficCaptain (www.trafficcaptain.com), and payment service provider BillingPartner (www.billingpartner.com).

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