Egreetings Launches New Collection of Quotes Postcards for Mobile Use

This August Egreetings is launching a new collection of static greeting cards with quotes for every occasion. The new content is optimized for use on mobile devices and is now available on the company's website at

A trending topic of nowadays social platforms such as Pinterest or Facebook, the adoption of quotes has become a common way of communication personal ideas, feelings and interests. Due to this high interest in the area, Egreetings has created a line of postcards having quotes as a topic. The collection is named WOW Quotes and is focused on content that, through subject matter and form, can easily be shared on the abovementioned social platforms and also, content that is light on loading time and weight making it ideal for browsing, sending and sharing from a mobile device or a tablet PC rather than on conventional screens.

Among the chosen topics for the WOW Quotes collection there are the usual birthday postcards or the perfect love letter that begins with St. Francois de Sales's quote "The measure of love is to love without measure", but also content that isn't made for the traditional greeting card situations but rather for sharing on the user's own wall or pin board, self-flattering content such as "I may not be perfect but parts of me are pretty awesome" or "I'm great in bed! I can sleep for days."

The WOW Quotes collection is a perfect and natural addition to the existing postcards offer on Egreetings. Through the popularization of non-Flash devices, content that is both static but also graphically and intellectually compelling is in high demand and fits perfectly the ascension of these new means of communication. The adaptation of the classic greeting card to the modern technology of nowadays is a necessary and provocative step Egreetings plans to ascend through promoting the WOW Quotes collection.

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