Egreetings Creates Special Birthday Postcards to Share on Facebook!

Posting on a friend's Facebook Timeline for his birthday is the new way of showing care and also being witty about it. team made some thoughtful, cute, and also funny postcards to say "Happy Birthday" to Facebook friends

Users can now make better public birthday wishes by posting photos on their friends' Facebook Timelines. It's already a trend, and has designed some cool, some ready-to-share postcards for anyone's birthday - family, work colleagues, friends and bosses.

The postcard variety can be seen by simply accessing the postcards section and clicking on the "Birthday" category. Any selected card can be shared directly on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook button on the left side of the card. Users can simply post the card, or they can add a message to go with it.

For those who like to keep their wishes private, there is always the option to send the postcards by e-mail, by simply choosing the "send as e-mail" button in the left side of the page, near the selected postcard.

Any user is free to access the website at all time, with no payment or subscription required and can send as many postcards as he likes, completely free of any costs.

Special ocasions are about sharing - thoughts, moments, laughs, anything that makes us human. So start sharing.


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