EFlip Standard Now Lets People Create SEO E-Books

PageFlipPDF.com's innovative software eFlip Standard enables people to create SEO e-books, magazines, and brochures so they appear in the results of popular search engines.

The most popular flipbook conversion software on PageFlipPDF.com, [url: http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/]eFlip Standard[/url] now lets users create SEO-friendly flipping e-books, magazines, and brochures. Documents in PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice formats can be easily converted in minutes to page-flipping e-books and output in Flash, HTML, .zip, or .app formats. The program makes it simple to share creations on a website, social media, email, or on CD-ROM.

A major feature of the software is its Search Engine Optimization capability. By incorporating the title, description, and keywords into the flipbook settings, users can get their e-books to show up on the search results pages of popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. The process then occurs automatically once the e-book is uploaded online. Any Internet user is then able to search for, find, and access the publication by entering the keywords and phrase contained in the book title into the search engine.

A few steps are required to make an e-book SEO friendly with eFlip Standard. The software's features are designed to give users an edge when it comes to producing an e-book with SEO in mind.

Step 1 - Open eFlip Standard. Create a project by importing a file and choosing templates, audio text, copyright information, images, and more.

Step 2 - Add design elements for the flipbook toolbar and background. Attend to any other setting to make the flipbook unique and complete.

Step 3 - Click on the "Publish" icon and choose html as the output type.

Step 4 - Click the "Advanced" icon in the HTML_Title tab, located in the Output Option interface. Add the title, keywords, and description in the appropriate fields within the "HTML Meta Settings".

Making a flipbook SEO friendly increases the number of possible readers. If people can find the e-book easily, then any publisher can maximize their chances of gaining a readership or profit from their creation. Most people look on the search engines to find just about everything. The eFlip Standard [url: http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/]flipbook software[/url] has made it simple to address this fact.

In addition, users can integrate their Google Analytics account to track how their e-book performs. This is good for any individual user, but someone running a business is at a unique advantage when tailoring their marketing plan. For more information on what eFlip Standard can do, go to the product page at [url: http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/]http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/[/url].

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