Spironolactone Acne

Effective Treatment for Hormonal Acne in Woman

Spironolactone is diuretic which is more usually used to treat arterial hypertension and the edema. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not advise it for the treatment of the acne, but it is often given to the women to treat the hormonal

Treatment of the acne of Spironolactone is not effective against the hormonal pushes among women. It is very useful for the women having hormonal disorders. It is only available on ordinance of your doctor. Its name of mark is Aldactone.

Spironolactone is a antiandrogene. Hormones androgens are present in the females at concentrations lower than those of the men. Certain women seem to produce androgens more than necessary. Spironolactone can block the receivers of the organization and prevent the cells from absorbing androgens. It decreases the hormonal variations which cause the acne.

Treatment of the acne of Spironolactone will help only the women with this specific hormonal acne. A study showed that 66% of the women had pushed with Spironolactone.

If you have tendency to escape that the week before your rules will not have to take spironolactone for this week to you. It is usually prescribed oral contraceptives to treat the acne. He is also prescribed agents topics for the acne.

There can be side effects with Spironolactone, including the irregular menstruations, sensitivity of the centres, the dry months and thirst, stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, dizzy spells, increased potassium levels and lower the blood pressure.

The blood pressure and blood potassium must be checked while you are on this drug. The expectant mothers should not use it. It should not be used if you suffer from renal problems, breast cancer, cancer of the ovary or cancer of the uterus.

Spironolactone is diuretic and you must drink much water while taking it. The treatment of Spironolactone can take several weeks to be effective against the acne. To obtain more information on the treatments of the Spironolactone acne

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