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Effective HTML 5 Features

HTML is said to be a wonderful program that do give programmers plenty of useful features.

Even though, the HTML 5 is said to have been launched in the year 2004, its developers claim that they are still far away from its final draft. They also state that it would take some time to create the final draft. Inspite of this there are many exciting features of HTML 5 that one can take advantage of.

• Video element: It is possible to have a video embedded on the page easily like that of embedding an image with the assistance of HTML 5 codes. What makes this program much better is the fact that the professional can manipulate built-in video controls and videos and do not have to rely on the third party codes for embedding a video.

• Canvas: In general terms, canvas can be termed as a drawable region in regards to HTML code with width and height attributes. The dynamically generated graphics can be considered to be the latest functions that HTML 5 offers. Also, it is used for drawing graphics, for making photo compositions or to create complicated or simple animations. All these things can be performed without having the need to rely on external plug-ins.

• Geo-location: Geo-location API allows the individual to share his location with the reliable websites. The location details are easily available to JavaScript the page. The location information sources include GPS (Global Positioning System) and network signals like IP address, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. These features of HTML 5 can be used only if the user provides the application with the necessary permission for using the information.

• Application caches: This particular feature does allow the individual to store different types of web apps, such as emails and have better access to it, without actually connecting with the net. Google gears do assist in accessing Gmail offline and is regarded to be an implementation of the HTML 5 codes used for the Applications Cache.

• Hyper-Threading exclusively for web browsers: This interesting feature allows separate background threads for processing without actually affecting the webpage performance. It is useful extremely for those applications, which do rely on heavier scripts for performing similar functions.

Such features of HTML 5 do have several compatibility issues with various browsers and specifically with the Internet Explorer. HTML 5 is regarded to be still in the developmental phase and specific features are yet to be defined fully. However, still it is quite useful with all the additional features that it offers, especially when compared to the previous features. There are much more additions to be made in HTML 5 in the future, but as of now, the existing features are sure to assist developers and designers to help their clients and to achieve immense success in their field.

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Features of HTML5