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Edmonton Tree Service Company Alberta Arborists Cleans Up After The Big (or Little) Storm

Experts estimate that Superstorm Sandy caused $100 million in damage. This damage resulted in large part from downed trees and power lines. After storms, professional emergency tree removal is needed to prevent further damage, says Alberta Arborists.

Experts estimate that Superstorm Sandy caused $100 million in damage, although final numbers have yet to be released. This damage resulted in large part from downed trees and power lines. When you have a downed tree on your property, emergency tree removal is needed to prevent further damage. As Craig Jabs of Alberta Arborists points out, fallen trees should never be removed by the home or property owner. This is especially true of certain situations where human life could be affected.

When someone has been injured by a fallen tree, power or transmission lines have been compromised or a fire has started, emergency services should be contacted immediately to provide assistance. Once this step has been taken, Mr. Jabs continues, it is important to contact emergency tree services. An arborist comes out to assess the damage that has already occurred and to assess the risk of further damage. He or she will also determine the best way to remove the fallen tree or trees so more damage does not occur.

"Never try to assess the damage without the help of tree services in Edmonton. A tree that has yet to fall completely to the ground may do so at any time," Mr. Jabs explains. "Even trees that are lying on the ground may roll, leading to personal injury or death. Alberta Arborists are trained to handle situations such as this and can determine the proper course of action to prevent serious consequences."

The best way for home and property owners to prevent accidents or injuries of this type is to invest in regular tree maintenance. Visit to learn about the many services offered and how best to go about caring for trees and shrubs on a property. When an arborist comes to the property, he or she conducts a hazard assessment to determine areas where problems may arise. He or she evaluates the trees for health and structural integrity as well as aesthetics.

If areas of concern are noted, the tree will be pruned to removed damaged limbs, those which are dying or already dead as well as those which are diseased. Selective thinning may be used to increase penetration of air and light and other measures taken to eliminate hazards. Industry approved standards are used at all times to ensure trees and shrubs are maintained using the proper standard of care. "The goal is to provide each client with healthy trees and shrubs, ones that can withstand the elements, even when a storm like Sandy chooses to strike."

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