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Eddie Barnz from Pittsburgh, PA Projects to Over 10,000 Views on YouTube VEVO Video

Pittsburgh, PA Rapper Eddie Barnz has a new single that will be hitting the club scenes

The World is always talking about the young men from the projects that sell drugs, commit crimes but the world seldom hear about the young men that struggle to be different and to make a difference in in young men's own lives one Facebook Like, one YouTube view, one Twitter follower or Pinterest follower at a time.

Yvonne Wilcox met Eddie Barnz and Manager Shannon Smith on Facebook and shortly after Yvonne Wilcox had the pleasure of interviewing Eddie Barnz on BlogTalkRadio the interview is available for the public to listen on 2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES by Yvonne Wilcox.

Yvonne Wilcox have witnessed his popularity rise; Eddie has appeared as a spotlight light artist in "Hip Hop Weekly Magazine" and "She Goddess Magazine".

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Eddie Barnz is considered one of the city's most popular rising stars. Eddie Barnz has taken the struggle of growing up in the projects and transformed struggles into a lyrical landscape. Eddie Barnz's sound and style is completely different from any other rappers' style that is currently in the industry right now. In this day and age it is refreshing to hear a rapper with a different style.

Eddie Barnz has a versatile style of rapping, blending punch lines, and witness and real lyrics together. Eddie Barnz started taking music seriously in 2007 through collaboration songs with Major Figga star Ab Liva who is now with Pusha T from the clips, BET Comic View Comedian Denny Live, Recording Artist Choppa City Boyz who's with ex Hot Boys member B.G and a list of other well established Artist.

After building a heavy local following in Pittsburgh by releasing Eddie Barnz new single "Uh Uh On" which is a chopped up sample of Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh the compilation which gained Eddie Barnz more than 10,000 views on YouTube and a lot of support from DJs everywhere. Influenced heavily by the golden era of hip hop, Eddie Barnz is a fan of legends like Nas, Biggie, Jada kiss and other MC's. Eddie Barnz is on the rise to stardom and co-signs from Jadakiss producer Vinnie Idol.

It is always great news when someone that is born in poverty and lived in the projects attempt to do something other than become a terror to society, keep up the positive progress Eddie Barnz, the public is watching, your fans hope to see Eddie Barnz on MTV or BET really soon.

Here are some links so that you may follow the progress of Eddie Barnz


See more ways to contact Eddie Barnz visit http://2hot4airwaves.discussioncommunity.com/post/eddie-barnz-from-pittsburgh-pa-projec

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