Ecoarts Combine Brazilian Handmade Products, Design And Eco-Consciouness At NYIGF Summer 2012

The company brings together the works of craftsmen and designers to sell in the US pieces that convey the exuberance of Brazilian culture based on the principles of environmental sustainability

The beauty and diversity of handcraft made in Brazil is no longer a privilege of Brazilians. In the United States, a promising company is selling the creations of more than 8,000 craftsmen and designers from all regions of the South American country. Every piece brings along the added value of environmental sustainability and fair trade.

The company is called Ecoarts and it is the result of an original strategy that brings together governmental and non-governmental organizations in Brazil to show in New York during the NYIGF - New York International Gift Fair, from August 19th-22nd, 2012 the richness and complexity of Brazilian culture through innovative decoration products, tabletop, gifts, accessories and art works.

The company's catalog is wide and gets updated every season. All portfolio items have in common the fact that their materials are recycled, reused or reduced (the three pillars of sustainability). Furthermore, the techniques used in their manufacture have been passed on from generation to generation and great importance is given to the author of each item. In Ecoarts even the simplest objects have a rich cultural background and a story to be told.

"Our pieces are made in inner Brazil by communities that depend on their art for survival", explains Tânia Machado, founder of Ecoarts and director at ABEXA, an organization in Brazil dedicated to promote exports of handicrafts. "We want to point up the real artistic value that these small communities have. Most of the times they are very humble people that have never been out of their villages, but whose creativity is unparalleled and cannot be found in big cities. Our work aims to help these communities make a living from their handmade products, while respecting their rights, adding value to their art and supporting them to grow", Tânia says.

Established in Portugal in 2003 to serve the European market, Tânia made a joint effort and Ecoarts landed in the United States in 2007. Today the beautiful pieces made by craftsmen and designers that collaborate with this initiative are found in the most well known fairs, such as the New York Gift Fair and the Las Vegas Market. They are also distributed throughout the US to more than 150 clients. Sales in 2012 are expected to reach about 10,000 works.

ECO-FRIENDLY - Taking the green conscience a step farther, Ecoarts supports a permanent process of improvement through the use of environmentally friendly materials and traditional production techniques. The result of this can be seen in inspiring pieces that find themselves right at the crossroads of handmade production, design and art. There are decoration pieces, art objects, tabletop, accessories, etc. The preferred materials are glass, wood, banana leaves and soap stone and paper. All items are organic and stylish.

Among the artisans participating in this edition of NYIGF are highlighted:

Darci Ferreira
Fifteen years ago, Darci Ferreira learned his craft with wood. After some encouragement from friends and family, he left a full-time job to dedicate himself exclusively to his art. Today, he is proud to say that he supports his wife and two children from the fruits of this labor.

Eduardo Eleuterio
Until thirty years ago, Eduardo Eleuterio sold works made by others. He then learned to make his own "magic wooden boxes" which are now available throughout the world. When President Obama visited Brazil, the government chose Eduardo to present one of his pieces directly to the President.

Thiago Silva
Using recycled materials such as milk cartons and fallen branches, Thiago Silva makes amazing pieces including napkin holders, key rings, paperweights and more. His work is known for its vibrant colors.

Lais Pinheiro
Even as a child, Lais Pinheiro was creative. But only after working in other fields, did she decide to pursue her craft making decorative pieces from glass.

Pedro Ciochetti
Following in the tradition of his parents and grandparents, Pedro Ciochetti now employs more than fifteen artisans in the design and creation of his works with basic themes of fruit and flowers.

Elizabete dos Santos
In an effort to support her family, Elizabete dos Santos began making cardboard boxes by hand, one by one. Today, she teaches her craft to others and has her own workshop employing four artisans.

Vera Naves
Even as a child, Vera Naves embroidered clothing for her dolls. Today her work focuses on sustainable production using banners, carpets and scraps of fabric as her raw material.

Eunice Dutra Galery
Leading a busy life of study, career and family, Eunice Galery began her work as an artisan only after retirement. Now she dedicates herself to recycled mosaic art, using only recycled materials.

Andreia Miranda
After learning the craft from her sister-in-law, Andreia Mirando began creating a huge variety of her own designs made from mosaic and wood.

Jane da Silva
Unable to afford new furniture for her own home, Jane da Silva refurbished many of the pieces she already had. Her friends and family were so amazed at her talent that she decided to create her own atelier producing a host of utilitarian art pieces made from many different raw materials.

The Futurarte co-op was born in 2004. Its primary goal was to remove adolescents from "at risk situations" through artisanship. Today, 21 young people participate in this project. They design and make utilitarian domestic articles from recycled newspaper, magazines, cement bags and ceramic.

Maria Auxiliadora Marques
After 13 years working in a weaving company, Maria Auxiliadora began her own craft business along with her two daughters. The profits from the sale of this endeavor pay for the schooling of the girls and support the entire family.

Mariza Sales
For more than 40 years, Mariza Sales has been using recycled glass bottles to produce both decorative as well as utilitarian pieces.

Junior Mapa
Inspired by the work of his parents, Junior Mapa made a chess game at age11. Today, he has perfected his art and currently produces games, pots, pans, clocks, trays and a host of other pieces that maintain his longstanding family tradition.

Dionizia Gomes
With three children to raise Dionizia needed to find a craft which she could play from home. Thus was born her love for soapstone and today she supports her entire family by making numerous decorative and utilitarian pieces.


NYIGF - New York International Gift Fair - Booth 2712
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, August 19 - 22 (Sunday-Wednesday)

Ecoarts Showroom: 7West 34th Street- Suite 739 - New York, NY - 1000
Tel. (1) 212 7141982 . Web:

Tel. (1) 201 8527829// Skype:

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