Eco Documentary Investigates Lost Energy Technology

Ancient Tomorrow is a documentary that will allow the audience to travel along with a team of renegade scientists on a global adventure to investigate the mysteries surrounding an ancient energy technology which could be the key to our future.

SANTA BARBARA, CA-- The documentary Ancient Tomorrow will follow a team of researchers on an extreme expedition through the South American Andes to investigate the mysteries surrounding an ancient "non-polluting" wireless energy technology.

After six years of research, chemical engineer JJ Yosh will head the sixty-day expedition from Bolivia to Peru on May 15. The team's intense outdoor adventure will include climbing the Cordillera Real and Blanca mountain ranges, diving beneath Lake Titicaca, trekking the Machu Picchu jungles, and rappelling into unexplored caverns while investigating a lost technology that could hold the key to our planet's future.

Looking to unearth evidence of ancient super-technologies, JJ Yosh's mission is clear: "It's time that we as a human species work together to re-discover the truth about our lost past; especially, if we want to move on beyond 2012. "

Ancient Tomorrow's mission to investigate a past, clean energy source is paired with its mission to create a movement that will educate and create a community that will reconnect with the environment.

The investigating team will include an Archaeologist, Chemical Engineer, Egyptologist, Electrical Engineer, Botanist, Astrophysicist and a Symbologist in order to answer the mysteries surrounding ancient ruins and lost civilizations.

Lead Archaeologist, Teejay Casado sheds new light on a forgotten past: "We look at our technology today and think we're advanced.... they were at a different level".

Capturing this eco adventure on film will take the audience on a roller coaster ride through dangerous outdoor adventures mixed with mind blowing planetary discoveries.

To learn more, contact JJ Yosh, Executive Producer at (310) 463-0901, email, or visit Ancient Tomorrow's official website at For media inquires contact Susie Lohse at (414) 241-5289, or

Ancient Tomorrow is a worldwide movement of investigators joining together to expose the truth of humanity's lost technologies in order to build a better world for tomorrow.

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