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EBook Showing Small Businesses How To Save Marketing Money By Using Facebook Hits The Market

Australian business owner, Wendy Moore, releases a ground breaking eBook specifically aimed to save cash and increase market exposure.

With so many small businesses struggling to make ends meet in a tough economy, one Melbourne based savvy business owner has released a ground breaking eBook specifically aimed to save cash and increase market exposure. In it, she shares how businesses can re-purpose their existing marketing material plus get them seen on Facebook, the biggest social media platform on the planet, without the need to spend even more money to do so.

"I see it all the time and I wanted to help out small businesses watching their bottom line," said Wendy Moore, founder of Savvy Web Women. "Businesses spend so much cash on creating glossy marketing material for use in the offline world and never think they can then put that same marketing material to use online. My eBook shows them how".

With over 900 million users, it's a fact that businesses, whether large or small, need to have a presence on Facebook. That makes good business sense. "Repurposing your existing marketing material that you've already paid good money to create is also good business sense", says Moore. "My eBook shows you how to take your PDF format brochure or flyer and upload it onto Facebook. It's simple stuff, but I'm constantly surprised by just how many businesses are online and not leveraging this basic marketing tool".

Right now, PDF is not a file format supported by Facebook despite it being used widely by businesses in their marketing, so you need to utilise additional tools in order to add your PDF documents onto Facebook. Through her eBook "How to Post a PDF on Facebook", Moore shares the different methods for uploading PDF documents to a Facebook page and sharing them through status updates. She shares the steps in simple English so any business owner, even those with no technical background, can easily follow along, saving time and money.

Who is Wendy Moore?

Wendy Moore is a trainer, speaker, international best-selling author and online engagement strategist who shares how you can easily use online strategies to connect with key stakeholders, influence decision makers and be seen as a thought leader, all via the use of social media.

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