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Eavestrough & Downpipe Repairs Eavestrough Repairs, Toronto & Surrounding Area Have your eavestroughs and gutters inspected and repaired by a professional gutter and eavestrough contractor. A well maintained, properly-working eavestrough sys

About Eavestrough Repair & Maintenance

Eavestrough repairs are necessary home maintenance jobs. Eavestroughs or rain gutters need to be properly inspected and cleaned in both spring and fall to check for leaks and areas that may have been damaged by the weather or clogged with debris.

Our experience and knowledge make us the right gutter and eavestrough contractor to inspect, clean repair or replace your eavestrough.

In addition, we can install extenders at the bottom of the downspouts to carry water away from your foundation so you don't end up with water leaking into your basement. We have the skills, ability and expertise necessary to protect your home. If there is a broken or damaged section on your eavestrough or gutter, we remove the section in question and carefully replace those segments with properly-leveled new eaves that are aligned to correctly drain to the downspouts.
Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

At Gutter Force, quality is important to us. We have built our reputation on a high standard of customer service and satisfaction. Whether you are looking to have an eavestrough or gutter repaired or for any of our other services, we get the job done right the first time, professionally and efficiently. That's our promise to you.

Our service excellence and quality workmanship are the the reason why our customers continue to recommend us to their family, friends and neighbours.
Downpipe Repairs & Cleaning

Cleaning your eavestroughs, gutters and downpipes is incredibly important to protecting your home from potentially serious water damage. Overflows can allow water to enter your brickwork and damage the interior of your home, so proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial.
The Eavestrough and Rain Gutter System

The basic eavestrough and gutter system is created to allow rainwater to drain away from the house and toward the outlets. The main eaves and gutter is connected to a downpipe that passes the water at the base to a rainwater gulley away from the wall. Sometimes the system may incorporate a hopper - a rectangular funnel - which allows more than one pipe to feed into the downpipe.
Problems that can occur in old or damaged eavestroughs and gutters:

Blockages in the gutter or downpipe
Leaks caused by rusty or damaged joints
A sagging gutter caused by overloading or faulty brackets or screws.

Downpipe Cleaning Services Toronto

It is important to have your gutters, eavestroughs and downpipes inspected and cleaned regularly. A clogged or blocked downpipe can lead to water damage and other complicated and expensive problems.

At Gutter Force, our suction method allows us to effectively see if a downpipe is blocked. We utilize this technology to blow air into the downpipe. If the air does not freely flow through the pipe, it is obvious that there is a blockage. A blockage could likely be missed by someone who manually pulls debris from your gutters and does not use airflow to spot blockages.

If a blockage is found, we manually disconnect the necessary parts of your gutter, eavestrough and downpipe system in order to properly clean them. We've found that 30% of the homes we service had downpipe blockages that they didn't even know about! These blockages can cause water overflow, leaking, basement flooding, foundation damages and various other problems.

If there are damages to any portion of your gutter or downpipe, we can repair or replace these parts quickly and efficiently.

Blockages can also cause gutter sagging, due to a build-up of debris. If this problem is not rectified promptly, it can cause even more serious and costly damage.

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