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Eat Speak Enjoy Announces Global Launch Of Second Language Supper Club

This week marks the launch of a social network with a difference, and the difference is that it is as interested in connecting people in real life as it is across cyberspace.

According to commentators, there are two types of website which have prospered on the post-recession web: the micro-entrepreneurial like Fiverr and Freelancer and the sites that foster real-life community like Meetup and Grubwithus. Eat Speak Enjoy celebrates both these trends with the launch of what they are calling a 'Second Language Supper Club'.

Inspired by the pop-up restaurants of London and Paris, the premise behind it is perfectly simple: you can either be the host and earn some money or be the guest and learn a language.

It all started last year when founder, Scott Huntly, developed a fun and innovative way to teach English round a dinner table and created an online course to share his methods more widely.

"We thought it would be a great way for students to earn a bit of money or for voluntary groups to reach out to their community," says Scott. " We soon realised that the appeal went way beyond students and charities - as worthwhile as both these markets still are."

Inquiries ranged from retirees in Spain looking for a fun way to meet people, to part-time teachers of French and Spanish looking for something to do on their days off. But the biggest requests by far were from language students all over the world wanting to know if there was already an Eat Speak Enjoy group in their area.

"We decided that the best thing we could do was create a way for all these people to come together so that they could start their own groups in whatever way they saw fit."

It was out of this process that the idea for the second language supper club was born - an online social network that would enable people to meet up, learn a second language and socialise with other language learners in their area.

For more information about being either a host or a guest, please go to

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