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Eat Healthy Be Healthy At Any Age Is On Amazon

JaneFalke has used her 20+ years as an expert nutritionist to write Eat Healthy Be Healthy at Any Age.

Who Should Read Eat Healthy Be Healthy at Any Age?

Everyday People Sick of Their Aches and Pains: Eat Healthy Be Healthy at Any Age was written for people who have been struggling to figure out how to live a better lifestyle and free themselves from the typical aches and pains often associated with a diet too rich in fat, sugar, salt and acidity.

Overweight People Looking for a Proven and Long-Lasting Solution: Eat Healthy Be Healthy at Any Age is the must-have companion book for anyone looking to end their endless struggles with their scales. It contains simple and proven solutions to drop the pounds with smart food choices and keep the weight off long term.

People Battling with Disease and a Lack of Health: Eat Healthy Be Healthy at Any Age goes deep into the reasons why our health is in decline from the poor food choices we make and how these choices affect us on a cellular level. So much so it can result in disease and serious health problems.

Falke has used her 20+ years as an expert nutritionist, her Master in Holistic Nutrition, and her experience as associate chef, instructor, and the science of raw food nutrition certification from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, and a certification in plant-based nutrition from eCornell University and T. Colin Campbell Foundation to write Eat Healthy Be Healthy at Any Age.

Inside Eat Healthy Be Healthy at Any Age readers will discover:

•Shocking statistics about supermarket foods and why they should give you cause for concerns
•Easy to understand facts about nutrition and how you can balance your intake in the foods you eat
•A list of foods good for your health and those not
•Delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes to keep you on the path to good health
•And much more!

Falke's life work suggests clients remove the cause of their symptoms, instead of looking for a magic pill to reduce or temporarily remove symptoms. Jane teaches clients who are sick, tired, overweight, stressed, or unhappy with chronic conditions to take control of their health by considering what they eat, drink, and think.

At 71, Falke eats a whole food natural diet filled with alkaline foods, and is physically and mentally healthy without the need for daily medications. She has practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years.

Eat Healthy Be Healthy at Any Age is now available for purchase at

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