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Easier, A Motorized Paper Towel Dispenser

Easier is a motorized paper towel dispenser that contains paper towels with a cleaner already inside the towel. It is a simpler, more hygienic alternative to using cleaning sponges and fabric towels

Since germs harbor in kitchen sponges and fabric towels, cleaning with paper towels is a more hygienic option. Imagine having a paper towel with the cleaner already inside the towel. The Easier is such a product. A motorized paper towel dispenser, the Easier houses rolls of paper towels in which each sheet is infused with a soapy cleaning agent. It eliminates the need to reuse rubber sponges and fabric towels which are loaded with bacteria. With the Easier, one can scrub away dirt and grime buildup with a fresh sheet every time, without having to use additional cleaners. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Easier.

The Patent Pending Easier was invented by Nereida Del Valle of Glendale, NY, who said, "A circular canister, the Easier is made of durable plastic material and is about twelve inches in height. The Easier line's paper towels are placed inside the canister on a motorized spindle, which rotates according to an exterior motion sensor that tells the unit to dispense a needed towel. On the side of the canister is a slot to feed each sheet of towel. The exterior is adorned with a series of flowers in clear plastic so that one can see how many towels remain in the canister. Power to the Easier is provided by a replaceable battery inserted into the base of the canister."

The inventor added, "The most notable aspect of the Easier is the specially formulated paper towels. Similar in size to a regular roll of paper towels, each Easier sheet is a dry paper towel with a soapy cleaning agent within the material that is activated with water."

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