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E-Liquid Starter Kits Outselling Cartomiser Starter Kits at Puff Indoors

Puff Indoors has reported that e-liquid starter kits are notably outselling cartomiser starter kits within their online marketplace

Puff Indoors, a UK-based e-cigarette vendor, has recently declared that their e-liquid starter kits are being purchased at a higher rate than their cartomiser starter kits. Although both products remain popular items, the e-liquid products seem to be resonating with consumers across a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Although consumer trends in e-cigarette products remain a relatively new field of study, due in large part to the fact that these items have only recently broken into the retail marketplace, Puff Indoors has noticed rather strong consumer trends with their primary electronic cigarette derivatives. Reasons for this may vary, but one potential explanation for this could be that e-liquids offer a substantially increased number of flavors over other products. Those who may be encountering electronic cigarettes products for the first time will certainly find this variety appealing. These options may also help entice new customers whose taste for cigarettes has yet to fully develop. Puff Indoors has noticed that these trends have been relatively current for the last 12 months.

These starter kits are also powerful tools for those looking to make the transition from traditional cigarettes into more healthier smoking habits. Although current research remains up for discussion regarding the health benefits and supposed risks of electronic cigarettes, the number of testimonials from individuals who have used these products to embark upon alternative lifestyle habits cannot be ignored. Thanks to a variety of sophisticated technological innovations, electronic cigarette users can slowly curb their nicotine habits over time.

The Puff Indoors' website serves as the company's primary economic vehicle. Visitors interesting in purchasing electronic cigarette products and accessories can do by visiting the Puff Indoors' online platform, puffindoors.co.uk. Regarding the future, Puff Indoors is planning on establishing vending machines in pubs and clubs throughout 2014 in an effort to capture a potentially lucrative marketplace.

That being said, it will be interesting to observe the long-term viability of these products, as shifting policy and thought related to electronic cigarettes will continue to evolve. Regardless, it is readily apparent that Puff Indoors will continue to grow and strengthen their bonds with the community at large.

It's no secret that electronic cigarettes have firmly embedded themselves within the recreational smoking marketplace. Puff Indoors seems to have planted themselves firmly within the heart of the electronic cigarettes industry within the UK, a community of individuals that have come together and created one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet.

Puff Indoors offers electronic cigarettes and other vaping products to customers across the UK.

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