E-Cigarette-Review.net Ranks V2 Cigs as The Best E-Cigarette on the Market

E-Cigarette-Review.net, a website offering comprehensive e-cigarette information and detailed reviews, declares V2 Cigs as the best brand among all others out there - and for all the right reasons.

As the call for a healthy, tobacco-free lifestyle intensifies, more and more smokers are shifting their focus toward electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes or e-cigs, as they are fondly called, are becoming massively popular among individuals who understand the dangers of traditional smoking and prefer the healthier alternative to give them the nicotine fix.

As with other electronic cigarettes that are "up to 1,400 times safer than the leading brand of cigarettes," V2 Cigs do not contain the 4,000 toxins and chemicals - of which at least 69 are known carcinogens. With features that promote ease of use, it is made using state-of-the-art microchip technology to offer a real smoking experience but without the smoke, flame, ashes or harsh smell.

Over the past few years, a rise in the number of e-cigarettes became evident which eventually led to thousands of e-cigarette brands for sale online. E-Cigarette-Review.net was developed to help customers find the best product for them. Comparing with other brands, the website's senior editor shares why V2 Cigs is the best e-cigarette.

E-Cigarette-Review.net points out that V2 Cigs have the 2.4% nicotine e-liquid option to satisfy the heaviest of smokers, still without the ill effects of tobacco smoking. Quality transparency reports made by a certified laboratory, are available to the public on the company's website. V2 Cigs are very slim and lightweight that "it feels just like holding a pen." That said, however, the brand does not compromise the thickness of its cool vapor, which comes in 10 pleasant flavors.

V2 Cigs also has 4.2 V batteries that provide more power for awesome vapor, compared to 3.7 V of most other brands. It is also the highest battery capacity of any similar sized e-cigarette, with 380 mAh. Unlike other brands, the new EX blank cartridges do not leak and stain. For those who prefer a wired e-cigarette, V2 Cigs present the optional battery-less Power Cig that runs on power from a USB port.

V2 Cigs purchases are covered under a lifetime warranty and offered with free shipping in the United States.

To find out more about V2 Cigs and smart e-cigarette purchases, please visit http://e-cigarette-review.net for information.

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