DWG Helps Leading Telecommunications Equipment Provider Develop a Roadmap for B2B Automation with Key Manufacturing Partner

DWG's expertise helps an industry leading telecommunications equipment provider set the foundation for successful B2B automation with a critical manufacturing partner.

DWG, an Atlanta-based technology consulting company that works with supply chain communities to bring trading partners together through technology, announced today that it has successfully completed a B2B automation project planning engagement with an industry leading telecommunications equipment provider.

When considering the initiative to streamline its B2B interactions, the equipment provider determined third-party expertise was needed to develop the proper foundation for success. By leveraging DWG's extensive experience leading B2B automation initiatives to develop a comprehensive project approach, the technology provider was properly equipped to implement the project using its own project managers.

"One of the most critical steps on the path to company growth is the adoption of B2B automation best practices. Automating the exchange of key documents with manufacturing partners is pivotal to properly scaling business operations," said DWG Managing Director Bill Woerner. "The challenge is to implement the new business process with the proper foresight into any conflicting initiatives and resource constraints, as well as minimal disruption to ongoing business, for not only your own organization but also of your manufacturing partner."

DWG worked with the telecommunications equipment provider to define the company's desired future-state order-to-cash (O2C) processes once B2B automation was in place, develop the project plan, identify key stakeholders, project risks and concerns and plot the steps necessary to ensure a successful implementation that met the needs of all the involved parties.

"Companies considering B2B automation with their manufacturing partners often fail to recognize factors such as how the initiative will impact their business, how to properly deal with change management, realize the effects of system changes, and even consider their manufacturing partner's own resource constraints," continued Mr. Woerner. "DWG empowers companies to automate the exchange of information with their key partners, giving them the foundation required for a strong partnership moving forward."

More information about DWG's project management services can be found online at www.dwg-us.com.

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