Drummer Steve Morabito Signs Endorsement Deal With Green Mountain Drums

Green Mountain Drums signs Steve Morabito to their roster of unique artists!

Drum brush artist Stephen Morabito has signed an endorsement deal with Green Mountain Drums of Vermont, USA.

Steve has been making music all his life, devoting himself to the drum kit for the past 20 years. An all-around drummer, Morabito has performed in diverse musical genres such as Metal, NYHC, Alternative, and Country. However, he is currently known for his creative Jazz artistry with brushes. His talents have completed the dynamic picture of several Jazz groups by adding refined elements of texture, color, and whimsey into the mixes. He has a large collection of Jazz recordings from which he draws his influences.

Morabito has a long history of involvement in the musical instrument building industry. His father played guitar and his mother worked for legendary guitar maker Jimmy D'Aquisto. In the 1990′s, Morabito developed a unique appreciation for the superb craftsmanship and value of handmade instruments while working for both a drum builder and a luthier in New York. He explains, "We've seen that the best musicians have developed a special connection to their instruments. The relation between the musician and his instrument is apparent on stage: the two perform effortlessly together as one. When the drummer understands the theory behind the engineering and design of the kit, knowledge about the materials and construction, and the dedication and core values of the builder, he obtains a type of intimacy with that kit.

Green Mountain Drums can provide anyone with the opportunity to be involved in creating their own unique artisan drum kit with a beautiful finish and amazing sound."

Steve's Drum Kit Specifications (Nigrosine Black Dye with Clear Gloss Lacquer):
15 X 4 Snare
15 X 12 Tom
20 X 12 Kick

The first of several new additions to the Green Mountain family, Steve brings a sweet jazz sensibility in his playing coupled with an intense drive and emotional connection to the drums.

Check him out live or at http://stephenmorabito.com/ or Green Mountain Drums at www.greenmountaindrums.com


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