Drug Shortage Placates Yet a Serious Issue

Most of the pharmaceutical companies claim that the strict manufacturing measures and implications of upgrading the drug production in between by the FDA are also responsible for amplification of the drug shortages.

(http://www.xmaspharmacy.com/) : The issue of drug shortages has taken a downward trend since last year, but the problem remains as serious as it was before. The short supply of medications is regarded to be a critical issue of concern but the fact that the condition has become less complicated than the previous years.

Although, this news may not be an overwhelming one for the patients who are or have encountered problems of drug unavailability due to its short supply but the drug regulatory agencies are trying their best to come out of this situation.

Till the first half of this year, around 123 new medications were in short supply but this number is 33% less as compared to the last year statistical reports.

FDA attributes the improvement in drug supply to its efforts that were carried out after the US president announced last year that the agency should avail reports of potential drug shortage from the pharmaceutical companies in advance, so as to work in this regard in an efficient manner.

The regulatory body thus has led to the import of unapproved clinical products from other nations as a temporary substitute, made replacements and also acted with the drug manufacturing companies to find a solution to this problem with an effective approach.

One of the main reasons for shortage of drugs is the advent of new problems pertaining to the drug manufacturing process that results in new shortages thereby further aggravating the limited drug supply.

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