Drinking H2O2 As A Dietary Supplement For Cancer

Using hydrogen peroxide as a dietary supplement for rheumatoid arthritis

Increasingly more conditions are linked to the condition of your stomach and intestines, and more particularly to whether you have a leaky gut or not. Because it's the leaky gut that lets through undigested food and toxins straight into the blood stream, this is actually the start of a lot of various illnesses including cancer, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer's, allergies, eczema, asthma, Autism, Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis…

Most the autoimmune diseases start within the gut, and more specifically the small intestine, as the small intestine is meant to be completely aerobic with aerobic pathogens that burn what you eat - digesting it - these food is then consumed without any troubles.

The problem comes in when due to (chlorine in drinking water, antibiotics, toxins in food) these good aerobic bacteria gets killed, it gives the anaerobic pathogens like Candida albicans the opportunity to invade the small intestine, and once they digest the foods, it has toxins that then gets ingested into the body. This needs to be cleaned by the liver, but due to the quantities of the toxins, some of it must be stored till a later date, this toxins is first kept in your fat and later even within your muscles.
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The next trouble with these anaerobic pathogens would be that they secure themselves to the wall of the gut, and because the gut wall is just not very strong, this easily leads to holes in the gut wall, here is the start of a leaky gut, undigested foodstuffs get through into your blood, our bodies sees this as invaders and cause inflammation and start attacking it. Sad to say these foodstuffs looks very much like our own sells subsequently it starts attacking itself without realising it.

Autoimmune afflictions are linked by one central biochemical process: A runaway immune response often known as systemic inflammation that results in your body attacking its own tissues.

The answer to all autoimmune diseases is of healing he gut, as after the gut is healthy the body can easily heal itself.

So what to do in case your small intestine is infected with unwanted anaerobic pathogens? We know the body use hydrogen peroxide H2O2 to attempt to keep these bad bacteria in check, so exactly what if we might supplement H2O2 in small quantities and low dosage into the small intestine? Well we know this will solve the problem as these anaerobic pathogens cannot survive in a oxygen rich environment. We also know that as the oxygen is released the anaerobic pathogens will die, and this added oxygen will help the aerobic pathogens to thrive. We also are aware that hydrogen peroxide H2O2 also neutralise toxins, so your gut will be thoroughly cleaned as well.

The good news is that there is just such a product in the marketplace, it known as H2O2RainDrops, you just add these drops to all the fluids and other drinks you drink. This is a user friendly food grade hydrogen peroxide H2O2 product which can be used with food, and that does not have to be refrigerated, for more information evaluate -

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