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DreamSync Allows Any Video Editor to Sync DSLR Footage with Standalone Audio Devices

Developed by Pixelynx Labs, DreamSync is the world's most affordable and user-friendly audio/video sync application designed for both novice and professional video creators.

Making good looking video demands great sounding audio. And great sounding audio means shooting with two devices: A camera, and a separate dedicated audio recorder. This can make editing your videos a tricky process.

With every post-production platform, from Final Cut 7 Legacy to Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, audio/video syncing always poses a challenge. Even with the introduction of PluralEyes in 2009, an application meant to fix the problem, the issue remains because of constant upgrades and changes in today's evolving software and DSLR cameras becoming more affordable and more accessible to less experienced individuals.

"PluralEyes is geared mainly towards the advanced video professional. Our biggest goal is to give users a universally easy solution for audio/video sync... without having to learn a new interface or take on a steep learning curve," said Jon Acosta, Founder of Pixelynx Labs, LLC. "DreamSync makes A/V sync sexy for the first time, instead of being a pain in the ass."

DreamSync is a standalone application that takes care of all the synchronizing outside of any editing suite and is made to work with all editing applications. It is a breakthrough application that addresses this need for video editors of all skill levels and price budgets.

Jon Acosta has been a certified software trainer, production consultant, and producer of TV commercials, web series, music videos, and corporate events for over 8 years. He strongly believes in empowering people to tell visual stories.

"We created and designed DreamSync with 'simple' in mind," said Acosta.

"DreamSync is 'simple' for the aspiring film student, 'self-proclaimed movie-making' dad, and even the professional video editor. We take 9 steps and simplify them into only 3," he added.

While simplified for novice video editors, DreamSync still offers key features for all professional video editors to enjoy. As opposed to the conventional steps involved for A/V sync, DreamSync simply requires dragging and dropping audio/video clips shot simultaneously into the audio and video bins; clicking "Sync" and using the Preview window to see and play the results. Video editors can then export the newly married results by selecting an output format and enjoy the synchronized video clip in minutes.

DreamSync works with iMovie, Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere Elements/Pro, Sony Vegas, and other popular video editing programs. The application currently supports all standard Quicktime outputs. DreamSync is currently being developed for both Mac and Windows and will be available for both platforms in March 2014.

To see a demo and get a copy of the new standalone application that makes audio/video synchronization a total breeze, please visit http://www.dreamsyncapp.com/

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