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Dr. Thomas Palic Leads Seminar on Cold Laser Science and Application

Dr. Thomas Palic reviews the science and application for muscle activation of cold laser to his peers at the International College for Applied Kinesiology conference June 7-8, 2013.

Dr. Thomas J. Palic of the Palic Clinic located in Edwards, Colo. lead a seminar for the science and application for muscle activation during the June 7 and 8, 2013 International College of Applied Kinesiology Annual Meeting located in Los Angeles, Cali.

During the seminar, Dr. Palic lectured over 1,000 of his chiropractic peers. He explained how the 635 nm cold laser affects tissue via photonic stimulation. He also described the uses of the laser in tissue healing and muscle activation. During his demonstration, he selected a volunteer to show the effects of the cold laser. The results were immediate, the volunteer was able to move his arm in a manner he had not been able to just moments before Dr. Palic had administrated the treatment.

"The cold laser is a non-invasive treatment option for neck, back, and other muscle pain resulting from previous surgery or injuries," stated Dr. Palic. "The laser utilizes specific wavelengths of light to activate cell tissues to reduce inflammation and encourage healing." Dr. Palic currently uses the Erchonia Cold Laser in his practice. His work with physical medicine and the cold laser has made him a leader within the chiropractic industry.

At his clinic, Dr. Palic offers extensive physical medicine treatment options, many more than a typical chiropractic office. He offers therapy for various conditions including minor neck and back pain to sports related injuries, attention deficit disorder, and more. He is a certified Titleist Performance Institute provider and has been featured in Chiropractic Economic magazine. Dr. Palic is also a former U.S. Ski Team chiropractor and is a medical provider for Red Bull Athletics, he currently treats over 40 professional athletes.

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