Dr. Richard Winston Meyers Book Titled "The CMO" Is Set For Release

Dr. Richard Winston Meyers practiced medicine for thirty years prior to becoming a Chief Medical Officer for the US Military. He has written a fictionalized book based on his day to day challenges in his role as a CMO.

Dr. Richard Winston Meyers has written a book called "The CMO" based upon his experiences as a civilian doctor at a military facility. Dr. Meyers practiced private sector medicine for thirty years prior to committing to a more structured role as Chief Medical Officer at a United States Military Entrance Processing Station.

"The CMO" is a fictionalized accounting of the day-to-day challenges and frustrations that an aging medical professional encounters as he fields his way thru the frenzy of a fast moving and fluid bureaucracy. Confronted by the needs of brash and eager youth to delicately balance integrity with compassion, the CMO works thru it all and discovers himself in the process.

Dr. Meyers approached award winning film maker Suzanne DeLaurentiis about turning his story into a screen play. She found the subject compelling and agreed to produce the film.


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