Dr Niraj Vora Applies Visionaire - Patient Matched Instrumentation For Knee Replacement

Dr Niraj Vora, orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai has introduced the application of VISIONAIRE for patients. It is a Patient Matched Instrumentation for Knee Replacement that is customized to the patient's knee anatomy.

VISIONAIRE is the latest and the innovative approach for a custom-fit knee replacement. The surgery through VISIONAIRE will be unique for the patient with surgical guides and instruments designed according to the shapes and contours of the patient's knee.

VISIONAIRE is introduced as it removes the tedious multiple steps that are involved in the traditional surgical technique. It will reduce the overall time under anaesthesia, lessens the blood loss and lowers the rate of infection. In this process, the surgeon will scan MRI (Magnetic Resonance Images) and X-Ray images of the patient affected leg into an advanced web-based software program. The software program will generate the virtual images of the patient's knee. The Surgical instruments and guides are designed and built, mapping out specific bone cuts to accurately align the implant to the patient knee.

VISIONAIRE Software will allow the surgeon to arrive at the precise alignment for the patient knee that possibly will reduce wear, the major problem of early implant failure. It is the most customized way for knee implant alignment in the patient's knee. The surgery through VISIONAIRE instrument is a less invasive surgical procedure that can reduce the damage of soft tissue and muscle that can help in speeding up the recovery time.

The knee implantation through VISIONAIRE system lasts longer when compared to the traditional knee replacements and considerably more natural. Mostly in traditional knee replacement surgery, a slight misaligned implant will cause uneven implant wear, loosening and instability that will give raise to early implant failure and follow-up surgeries. With VISIONAIRE system, knee replacement is more accurate. There is less pain medication for a shorter time with minimally-invasive surgery that will help the patient to recover in quicker time and experience less pain during recovery. There will be fewer scars as the soft tissue and muscle damage is low.

Dr Niraj Vora has a specific approach to deal his patients with this latest and innovative method. He ensures accurate alignment, faster recovery, and implant longetivity with less pain. He has different approach to deal patients in respect to gender, he feels the chronic knee pain caused by arthritis that keeps most of the women and men away from the activities can be regained through knee replacement. As there are significant differences between women and men, and most knee replacements are now designed with those differences in mind. Shaped to the contours and dimensions of the female or male knee, today's implants offer patients a more natural fit.

He has successfully performed over 3000+ knee and hip replacement surgeries and 1000+ trauma and other orthopaedic surgeries. He is also available at BelleVue Multispeciality Hospital, 1st Floor, The Link, Next to Audi Showroom, Opp Star Bazaar, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Bombay 400 053. The Consulting hours @ BelleVue Multispeciality Hospital are every Monday and Friday from 2:00 PM-5:00 PM. You can take an appointment through a phone call @ +91-22-6686 8600, 096191 56877 and Email: nlv@drnirajvora.com. He is also available S.L.Raheja Hospital. Take an appointment through a phone call @ Phone: +91-22-6652 9666 and Email: nlv@drnirajvora.com.

You also have an option to book the appointment online. Meet your knee surgeon today and get the best surgical procedure of the latest VISIONAIRE. Know more about Dr.Niraj Vora and VISIONAIRE


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