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Dr. Mullen's Research Providing Hope To A Lot Of People

The institute conducts research on Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, as well as traumatic brain injury aftermath and potential biological markers for substance abuse.

People who are aware about genetic and neurotic diseases, would also have heard about Dr. Michael Mullen. He has a very dominant role to play in the research and development of several such diseases, namely Alzheimer's. He is also the CEO and research faculty in the Roskamp Institute. This institute has conducted several important researches on neurodegenerative diseases and brain injury cases. They have been able to come up with significant analysis or biological markers, which are causes of substance abuse. Dr. Mullan focuses on finding different treatments that can be crucial for tackling patients with Alzheimer's. One has gather knowledge about it from

Alzheimer's disease is this psychological disease which is said to affect approximately 5 million Americans every day. They are generally between the ages 60-80. Alzheimer's affect with age. The patient and the patient's family have to go through a lot of trauma and struggle. There has never been a ready treatment for this disease, which was why the number of affected people would increase each year. It is believed that since women live longer than men, they are ones would mostly get affected with this disease, with increase in age. Several reasons have been deciphered which could be the probable causes behind this disease. In women, Alzheimer's generally occur due to the loss of sex hormones during menopause. According to many scientists hormone replacement during this phase can be helpful. But, studies and experiments have not shown any remarkable changes, even after adoption of such methods. Detailed research is still in progress in many universities and research centers.

The Roskamp Institute where, Dr. Mullen is the CEO is situated in Sarasota, Florida. This institute focuses on the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Mullen is actively involved with the research work carried out in Roskamp Memory Disorder Clinic. Different cures and treatments for this deadly disease, is worked on in this clinic.

Florida has been the place from where Dr. Mullen has started his research. The amazing history of the sufferers of this disease has what prompted the neurologist to take up this subject for his intensive research. A common symptom of this disease is memory loss. He has pointed out to many such cases of people in the military or in business, who have suffered immensely, till death came to their rescue. People often tend to forget their recent memories, while those that are distant, are recollected by them often.

Dr. Mullen has taken his medical training from London University. He was originally trained to be a medical professional in the same university. This research and practice has earned him several awards in his career. His research has inspired many young scientists to take up the subject and join hands with him in coming up with a treatment for Alzheimer's.

The scientist and his experimental methods have been of great help in the Roskamp Institute. This methods and researches have been able to provide hope to a lot of people and their families, who see their loved ones suffering with Alzheimer's. can give you an idea about it.

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