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Dr. Louisiana Introduces New Website for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

The introduction of Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela's new website is great news for weight loss patients seeking immediate contact with the doctor in their pursuit of an affordable surgical solution to curb fat build up in the body.

By coming up with a website of her own, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela seeks to simplify the process of directly contacting a bariatric surgeon for obese individuals struggling to dispose of their ever-increasing flab. Now that such a website is available, overweight and obese people can easily do away with all their reservations about a cost-effective weight loss surgery (WLS) by getting answers to all their queries from the surgeon herself. The prompt explanation that they get is sure to clarify all their doubts and encourage them to advance in their decision of undergoing a quality weight loss surgery in Mexico by Dr. Louisiana.

Many Americans and Canadians struggling with low self-confidence, unhealthy diet habits, and awkwardness associated with their bulkiness might never get a chance of improving their lifestyle as a result of the steep costs of obesity-curbing treatments in their local hospitals. And with most insurance providers backing out from financing WLS, obese patients have only their savings to deliver them from the abyss of health troubles.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), 154.7 million Americans (79.9 million men and 74.8 million women) of the age of 20 and above are overweight or obese. The AHA states that if obesity continues to rise at the present rate, total medical care costs related to it could reach $861 to $957 billion by 2030, accounting for 16% to 18% of US health expenditures.

Obesity surgery in the US is available at an exorbitant cost of about US$10,000 to US$35,000, a price range bound to discourage and drive away the average self-financing American bariatric patient. Under such circumstances, one can consider going under the knife at the experienced hands of Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela in Mexico, which is a wise alternative considering the minimal charges and proximity of the country for US and also Canadian nationals.

Obesity packages by the doctor are available for rates as much as 50-70 percent lower than those in the US. And one may even save more by opting for a combined package, in which the prices are inclusive of the surgeon's fee, laboratory charges, and post-operative care cost. Clients seeking surgeries like gastric bypass and gastric sleeve in Tijuana need not be anxious that such concessional rates would require them to compromise on the standard of treatment because according to a spokesman for the hospital it is actually the low cost of living in the country that helps the doctor to charge a minimal amount for her excellent services, and not the compromised quality.

The newly-created website brings information about bariatric procedures like gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric banding offered by Dr. Louisiana and lets obese individuals directly discuss their concern with the doctor. The website gives a fair idea to obese individuals about the wide range of surgical options accessible to them and what each one entails.

The launch of this website removes any chances of miscommunication between the patients and the doctor as there is no mediator involved in the process.

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela is an experienced bariatric surgeon who offers her services in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, which can be approached by road in about 30 minutes from San Diego, California. Her reputation is based on her proficiency in her field and the outcome of the surgeries she has performed till date for both Mexican and foreign patients. After having completed her Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery in 2011, she went on to gather immense experience and widened her knowledge by working in various institutes of repute in the country such as Hospital General Regional in Tecate and Hospital Guzmán and Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana.

A majority of the doctor's clientele is from the US, and one can certainly consider this while contemplating on the decision to contact her with the intention of receiving her expert guidance and treatment. Dealing with American obesity clients on a regular basis has habituated her to the kind of explanation, patient care facilities, and safety standards that they anticipate while opting for a bariatric procedure abroad.

Prospective clients would be required to furnish their medical history details and related documents prior to making arrangements for seeing the doctor at a time and date set up in discussion with the doctor. These simple steps should be within the easy reach of potential clients-all they have to do is go through her website and if satisfied, initiate the process of a life-altering WLS by leaving all relevant queries for the doctor.

If interested in seeking surgical intervention by an esteemed surgeon abroad, such as Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, to achieve the targets of healthy weight, clients may fill up the enquiry form on her website and get their answers.

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