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Dr. Lon Kalapp's New Book Released: The Secret to Successfully Keeping Weight Off For Life

A new diet book has recently been released, which has proven successful for many. Weight Los For Life has proven great results for many! Get great results by reading Weight Loss For Life today!

Riverside, CA. The June release of Weight Loss For Life has created a new buzz among weight loss around the country. Riverside County chiropractor, Dr. Lon Kalapp, D.C., has created a perfect solution for anyone to follow when attempting to lose weight, and keep it off. Weight Loss For Life outlines a complete lifestyle change, for a healthier, improved life.

Three industry experts, including Dr. Kalapp D.C., co-wrote Weight Loss For Life, inputting their real-life practices with patients using the steps outlined. They have all noticed great results from those patients who followed the steps throughout the many years of practicing. This book has been a long-researched book, and the steps have been implanted in the lives of many, who are all witnessing success.

Weight Loss For Life is not a instant "lose weight quick" scheme, or diet. Dr. Kalapp D.C. has created the perfect formula for maintaining the most ideal weight, for the rest of your life. Sticking to this plan will result in lasting, long term weight loss and weight management. This book outlines easy, permanent weight loss in 10 easy steps.

This book suggests specific foods to eat, and not to eat, and provides so great, healthy recipes to follow when first getting started. Other health-related tips are also offered in this book, such as: foods that are good for different organs in the body. Not only will the weight come off and stay off, his formula is based on maintaining maximized nutrition and health, with many other noticeable benefits. Weight Loss For Life also touches on the many factors, such as stress, habitual or emotional eating, and cravings which can lead to overweight.

Dr. Kalapp D.C., runs a highly successful neuropathy treatment and chiropractic practice in Corona, California. He too has also suffered from weight problems in the past. After a lap ban procedure didn't help keep the weight off, he turned to Club Reduce, which has proven successful for himself, along with many others, to keep the weight off for good. Since his weight loss, he has treated many patients who have been unable to lose weight

The release of this book has created a new outline for a healthy lifestyle, along with providing excellent, useful information, which has all been practiced and proven a success.

Dr. Lon Kalapp's book is available for purchase on and you can learn more about Dr. Kalapp and his neuropathy, weight loss and nutrition treatments at

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