Dr. Leah Hollis Of Patricia Berkly LLC Speaks At ACE/ New York /Long Island Event

Dr. Leah Hollis was panelist at recent ACE Women of Color Conference in Manhattan.

Dr. Leah Hollis of Patricia Berkly LLC Speaks At ACE/ New York /Long Island Event

Dr. Leah Hollis, president of Patricia Berkly LLC was invited to speak on a panel at the Women of Color Conference for the New York /Long Island Chapter of American Council on Education. Hollis was a founding contributor to this event which launched four years ago in the greater New York region to provide support and insight for women of color who often face racism and discrimination in higher education.

The panel, moderated by Dr. Celesti Colds Fechter, reflected on strategies women of color often use to navigate the mainstream environment of higher education. "Balance is the key," stated Hollis," be sure what you are fighting for and why..." Other commentary included an inclusive approach to embrace colleagues and constituents of all backgrounds. Networking is so important BEFORE there is a problem on the job.

As the panel continued, Hollis was able to draw on her research from her two books, Unequal Opportunity and Bully in the Ivory Tower. Both volumes give insight to those facing workplace harassment and discrimination, even if they are not protected by Title VII Civil Rights Laws.

Networking and advocacy are critical elements to survival in any organization. As many institutions are facing budget cuts, structure changes and other threats to staff, all colleagues need to remain circumspect and proactive in protecting their jobs and also protecting their personal balance to persevere through tough times.

The ACE event is included in a very busy spring for Dr. Hollis who also has spoken to various teachers unions about workplace bullying, provided guidance via webinar, recently interviewed with FOX News regarding the Rutgers bullying scandal and will offer a key note speech for community college leadership later in the month.

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