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Dr Leah Hollis Of Patricia Berkly LLC Signs With JENNINGS WIRE

Annie Jennings PR has launched its new online magazine. Dr Leah Hollis has signed as regular contributor with her column "Peace of Work."

Leah Hollis of Patricia Berkly LLC has signed on with Annie Jennings PR for her new column, PEACE OF WORK which will offer insight and advice on workplace issues such discrimination, bullying and harassment. JENNINGSWIRE is the brain child of ANNIE JENNINGS PR outside greater NY with featured columns on business, health, marketing Hollywood, lifestyle, culture and money.

Dr. Hollis, author of Unequal Opportunity: Fired without cause, filing with the EEOC has just completed her second book Bully in the Ivory Tower: how incivility and aggression erode American higher education, which was released in late October 2012.

Her new book reveals that bullying occurs in higher education for 62% of staff. These findings which are based on a survey of 175 colleges and universities reveal a rate of workplace bullying 58% higher than the general population. Women, people of color and members of the LBGT community are disproportionately the target of bullying in higher education. Other finds in the book reveal who is most likely to be the target of bullying, how people are responding and coping with workplace bullying and also the enormous cost of workplace bullying with 16% of staff reporting that had left a previous institutions of higher learning because of a workplace bullying.

Hollis' column will also address other issues which can contribute to a healthy workplace, such a respect, team building, disabilities issues, harassment, and accessibility.

Want peace of mind, not a piece of work on the job? Follow Dr. Leah Hollis of Patricia Berkly LLC about bullying, discrimination, harassment and other employment issues. Want to learn more about dealing with a bully boss? Check out the IS MY BOSS A BULLY course on the site. Dr. Hollis's blog can be found at JENNINGSWIRE.

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