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Dr. Joel Weisberg Of Downsview Chiropractic Wins Prestigious Customer Service Award

Dr. Weisberg of the Toronto-based Downsview Chiropractic Centre has been awarded the Ontario Chiropractic Association's Patient Care Award:

"Dr. Joel Weisberg is noted by his patients as a caring, kind and informative chiropractor who creates positive patient experiences. He has focused on building great customer service in his practice because this frames the trust that the patient has with the practitioner. His team is trained to anticipate patient concerns and to give new patients a tour of the office and introduce them to practitioners. His clinic's intake forms include questions about patient goals so that treatment can be customized. The clinic's website has a private portal where patients can review their treatment recommendations and homework. Dr. Weisberg is committed to patient education and outreach. He works with new graduates and chiropractic students to teach them patient-centred care."

Dr. Weisberg is dedicated to providing a full range of services for his clients. From the initial appointment throughout the entirety of treatment, Dr. Weisberg's top priority is patient comfort and satisfaction.

Patients looking for relief from their spine-related pain and discomfort can find caring and reassuring help from Dr. Joel Weisberg. From his office in Toronto, Dr. Weisberg and his team at Downsview Chiropractic are committed to the latest in excellent chiropractic care.

Dr. Joel Weisberg, of Downsview Chiropractic in Toronto, is known locally as a caring and knowledgeable chiropractor who takes the time to get to know his patients individually. He understands that many people can be initially nervous to receive chiropractic care, so he and his team go above and beyond patient expectations by providing an informative tour of the office and answering all questions before beginning treatment. He also makes it a point to continue to provide information and maintain a high level of communication with patients during the full treatment process. A 1998 graduate of the National University of Health Sciences, Dr. Weisberg teaches chiropractic students and new graduates the essentials in patient-centered care.

As a chiropractor who is committed to educating patients and empowering them on taking care of their health, Dr. Weisberg provides additional services such as customized long-term treatment goals for each patient, and a private portal on his website for patients to review their treatment recommendations and homework. His practice also offers the benefits of massage therapy and naturopathy.

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