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Dr Francois Sainfort - Reviews Future of Health Care in Book

With GE Healthcare setting up medical clinics at the Sochi 2014 Olympics, Dr Francois Sainfort's research on the issues related to health care operations management becomes relevant.

GE Healthcare will contribute medical imaging technologies and services to help clinicians provide care for the competing athletes at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The Olympic polyclinic will have advanced health care facilities to diagnose and treat sports injuries earlier when intervention is more effective. Celebrated academician Dr Francois Sainfort, whose research focuses on helping individuals and organizations make decisions, often under risk and uncertainty, notes that innovations in health care delivery systems are broadening the scope of decision technology applications.

The penetration of medical technology to diverse applications has brought back attention to challenges in health care delivery. Dr Sainfort, who reviewed health care systems in developed and developing countries in his book "Operations Research and Health Care", believes that while new medical technologies and services will continue to emerge, the current state of health care is incapable of meeting future demand. As co-editor of the comprehensive handbook, he states that "in both rich and poor nations, public resources for health care will remain inadequate to meet the demand".
Strategic planning problems are rampant in today's clinics and hospitals.

In Operations Research and Health Care, Dr Sainfort has identified some factors such as inclusion of specialized units (e.g. neonatal intensive care units) and design of health care supply chain (e.g. outpatient clinics and diagnostic services) as crucial for improvement of operations management in health care delivery. GE's initiatives to set up polyclinics dedicated to sports injuries during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is an encouraging step that promises to inspire the creation of many more specialized and advanced clinics.

Dr Sainfort's book is a unique seminal volume of research in Operations Research and Management Sciences that will help practitioners, students, and researchers apply decision technologies, tools and theories. Exploring the issues of health care delivery in the past and the future, the authoritative book synthesizes decision technology applications published in the last 10 years. With this handbook, Dr Sainfort presents new state-of-the-art techniques, explores new issues and challenges, and examines new avenues for research with contributions from more than 60 eminent researchers.

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