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Dr. Cha-Zay Sandhriel: Utter Surrender Into Love Without Getting Lost On Cloud 9

Cha-Zay, Author of "Quantum Love: Twin Flames - Myth or Reality," is Interviewed by Debbi Dachinger on DARE to DREAM Radio.

Dr. Cha-Zay Sandhriel is returning for a third time on Dare to Dream Radio to talk about Quantum Love. Cha-zay's radio interview will encompass the "Utter Surrender Into Love."

Cha-zay recently wrote and released the book, Quantum Love: Twin Flames - Myth or Reality. She offers an 11 week Twin Flame Coaching Series and a 'Relationship Video' series.

Cha~zay is a former Silicon Valley technology start-up expert who left the corporate world in 2002 to start her own multi-million dollar real estate development and coaching company. She has taught business plan writing workshops to hundreds of low-income women and helped turn their lifelong dream into a reality.

Cha-zay started to teach teleseminars to overcome her fear of public speaking. She went on to become one of the most sought-after Learning Annex instructors and spoke with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Poor Dad Rich Dad, in front of thousands of people. Her teleseminar business grew as she turned her teleseminars into digital products downloadable from anywhere, creating passive income for her. Within a year she was able to leave the country and travel the world.

Cha-zay speaks seven languages, has lived in half a dozen countries and is currently living a mobile life style dividing her time between Switzerland, Italy, Sedona and San Francisco. She holds a Ph.D. in metaphysical science, a Ph.D. in holistic life coaching and a bachelor in business management. She is a speaker and creator of several personal development study-at-home programs and is also the published author of three books: • Quantum Love: Twin Flames, • I'm Dying! Not Again! • The Limp, The Wet, The Hard - Unlocking the Mysteries of Handshakes. For more information go to: www.CoreFreedom.com

Cha~zay lived through three near-death experiences and two near fatal diagnosis. Although living on both sides of life for decades, she spent 15 years living in the Silicon Valley business world as a start-up specialist before turning her hobby of building single family dwellings into a multi-million dollar business in 2003.

When tragedy struck in 2006 she lost nearly everything, including her health, she decided to reinvent herself and finally permit her inner world to emerge. Today Dr. Cha~zay leads an online community where topics of love, spirituality, and topics related to the unseen world are discussed. She is a beacon of hope to the hopeless. Dr. Cha-zay is also a Reiki Master, a certified hypnotist and suicide hotline counselor.

Cha~zay is the creator of four powerful web widgets that contain the same basic energy patterns the Universe uses: cleansing and creating, transmuting and transforming. Over fifty thousand of these widgets are appearing on websites and blogs around the globe.

Her newest book, QUANTUM LOVE: Twin Flames - Myth or Reality, is currently available in eBook and Kindle formats.

Hear Cha-Zay as she appears live on the Dare To Dream radio program. Listen to award-winning, syndicated host and producer, Debbi Dachinger, in conversation with Dr. Cha-Zay Sandhriel about Quantum Love. You can also hear Dare to Dream radio via podcast at: http://www.deborahdachinger.com/interview-archives.

Dare to Dream radio is featured in news sources around the world. Dachinger is an International bestselling author of two books, keynote speaker, goal achievement expert and media personality. Dare to Dream radio airs live on the following networks: www.HealthyLife.net (Southern CA/ worldwide); it is also syndicated on WROM Radio (Detroit), WHTB (Massachusetts), Butterfly Radio (Florida) and AirCheck (Florida) and is heard on 65 syndicated radio stations.

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