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Dr. Bernard, Says That Getting A Degree Can Be Negotiated Using His Team Of University Trustees Located Around The World.

Dr. Bernard, V.P. of Worry Free Degrees.Webs.com says that getting a degree has 'never been easier' using his team of university and college trustees located around the world. They are making public a system of degree granting that is centuries old.

Belize, April 12, 2010: According to Dr. Bernard, more and more people are forgetting conventional methods of getting a university or college degree. Because of this, his organization has gone public with something they have been doing privately for many years.

Previously a loosely knit group of ex-university trustees who negotiate degrees with known universities and colleges, they have now made their Belize based services available on a wider scale, via the internet.

Not to be confused with 'life experience degrees' from fake universities, Dr. Bernstein claims that his 'Worldwide network of ex-trustees can negotiate a degree from a wide variety of conventional universities and colleges in a number of difference countries'.

When asked about the 'graduates' actual skills, he said, 'That is something that we take very seriously, as long as we vet the graduate properly, our relationship with the institutions remains solid'.

In a recent interview, he was quoted as saying, 'Something that few people realize is almost every university has a limited number of degrees that they actually grant on a private basis, by negotiation, but only ex-trustees are in a position to negotiate these'.

When asked if it was like a 'life experience degree', Dr. Bernard said that it was 'stricter and more controlled, but you won't be embarrassed when you employer Googles your university because it will come up as real, which it is'.

For more information contact: WorryFreeDegrees.Webs.Com.

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