DoxOut Releases Appser for Google Docs™ the App That Brings the Original Google Docs™ to Your iPad

Appser for Google Docs™ is a free download, ad free app that runs the full, browser version of Google Docs™ on the iPad. The app gives users intuitive and expected user experience when creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations on their i

DoxOut is pleased to announce the release of Appser for Google Docs™, the unique application that runs the full, web version of Google Docs™ on the iPad. By utilizing an in-house developed technology, Appser will access and serve users the web version of Google Docs™ directly on their iPad.

After reading constant complaints regarding the functionality of the native Google Drive™ application for iOS, DoxOut decided to try and put their revolutionary technology to work and create a layer on top of the web version of Google Docs™ that will enable it to work normally on the iPad.

Appser for Google Docs™ is free and available for download now.

Appser for Google Docs™ will give users the much demanded features - editing and creating documents, presentations and spreadsheets on iPad, while seamlessly syncing to Google Drive™ and even enhancing the experience by adding the "connect to an external monitor" feature, while using the screen of the iPad as an input device. For the first time ever, DoxOut added a virtual touch pad for the point and click actions, so in this working regime, the whole experience is very PC like.

Since the iPad screen is smaller in size, the team developed a special solution that makes clicking on the icons more accurate. The "magnet touch" feature intelligently recognizes and excludes false clicks, and eases the overall working process.


- Connect the iPad to an external screen, and use the iPad screen as a keyboard for a near-PC experience

- "Magnet touch", state-of-the-art accuracy when clicking even on the tiniest icons

- Re-size and move objects with one finger

- Scroll up and down with two fingers

Appser for Google Docs™ is for those who like to have the original Google Docs™ web app available on their iPad. Appser for Google Docs™ makes editing and creating presentations, documents and even spreadsheets on the iPad possible, unlike the native Google Drive™ app that enables only light editing of word documents and spreadsheets. We are in no way connected or affiliated with Google Inc., nor did we have access to the Google Docs™ code.

More info about Appser for Google Docs™ is available on

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