DownBeats Provides the Ultimate Cure for Sonic Hangovers

DownBeats' products enhance the sonic experience for live event and concert attendees, while ensuring aural comfort is preserved now and for the future

DownBeats, a premier manufacturer of products and accessories for live event and concert attendees, has introduced the ultimate solution to cure sonic hangovers caused by live music and events. The company's high quality silicon sound filters were created with comfort in mind to filter sound, delivering a pristine, balanced sonic experience.

Typical earplugs generally silence or soften sounds, preventing people from truly experiencing audio as it's projected. DownBeats has created a solution that filters sound, ensuring that the highest quality sounds are reaching ears, while the harsh noises and feedback are left out with the crowd. DownBeats takes the sound and reduces it to an overall 18 decibels, channeling it acoustically into ears, delivering the optimal resonance at a sustainable level.

"I developed DownBeats to give sonic enthusiasts, like myself, a way to continue to enjoy live music without sacrificing sound," stated Derin Alemli, CEO, DownBeats. "DownBeats' silicon sound filters are effective, inexpensive and allow music lovers to enjoy the audio experience as it's intended."

The effectiveness of DownBeats are to due to sonic leveling technology that brings desired sound levels within the range the human ear can hear, reducing damaging highs and lows by up to 18 decibels, without sacrificing sound quality. This reduction alleviates the sonic hangover, also known as a temporary threshold shift (TTS), a condition in which the minimum volume the ear can hear rises after prolonged exposure to loud noise. As a result, the ear becomes accustomed to the loudness, expecting the elevated level to be the new norm. With repeated exposure, TTS can lead to more permanent hearing damage, a trend affecting younger generations of today.

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Founded in 2012, DownBeats is premier manufacturer of products and accessories for live event and concert attendees. DownBeats focuses on using the latest technology and scientific research to provide products and information that enhance the sonic experience for those who enjoy loud events. For more information about DownBeats, please visit the company's website at


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