Doug Shear To Appear In Starz Magic City Production

Novelist, Playwright and Stand-up Comedian Cast in Upcoming Cable Drama.

Doug Shear has been cast as a "background artist" in the upcoming Starz Premium Cable series Magic City. According to Mr. Shear, "I was given a 1949 style haircut and fitted for a suit, two shirts, two ties and a pair of shoes. It's exactly how I look and dress today. I'm stuck in 1949, and I wasn't even born in 1949!" Doug Shear will appear in both the Funeral Scene and as a Patron.

Magic City is a drama set in a fancy Miami Beach hotel set amongst the political and organized crime drama of the time. It is being shot in Miami and is expected to premier in 2012. The show will be set at the fictitious Miramar Hotel, and the action centers on the hotel's owner Ike Evans as he deals with the Mob, his family and a city in chaos as Fidel Castro tightens the noose over Cuba. The show will deal with Miami Beach drugs, crime, crooked cops and racial tension.

Doug Shear is the author of the cult novel "RHUBARB CULTURE," set in a Miami in the near future, in which a Survivalist and his Suicidal girlfriend escape the Police, Corporate Thugs and a New Age Suicide Cult. His second book, "AMERICAN KARMA" is based on his real life experience as the victim of the most notorious Get Rich Quick scam of the twentieth century. His Stage Play "SAINT PETER AT THE GATE," was produced in Toronto, Canada and Boca Raton, Florida. It's about four victims of a car accident, whose lives are intertwined in ways they cannot imagine, who try to convince Saint Peter to let them through Heaven's Pearly Gate. Mr. Shear is also a screenwriter and Stand-Up Comedian, who performs at local venues in Miami, Florida. His YouTube Channel offers several samples of his stand-up work, including "THE SKINNY ON THE WAR ON OBESITY."

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Doug Shear is a registered Nuisance Wildlife Removal Expert, working under the name Python Bob.

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