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Dorothy And Theodore Today Announced Their Latest Provider, 'The Cake Nest'

Online retailer of products for parents, Dorothy and Theodore today announced the latest provider, 'The Cake Nest', now selling to customers through their website.

Dorothy and Theodore, an online baby boutique of products for parents, today announced the latest provider, 'The Cake Nest', to trade through their website.

The Cake Nest produce quality home baked cakes for customers around the country. Their products include Push Pops, small cakes which have been baked to fit into a specific container, making them perfect treats for family outings or lunchboxes. The advantage of Push Pops is the chance to avoid messy crumbling, since it's securely contained within the lollypop like container.

Dorothy and Theodore have featured The Cake Nest on their blog, discussing their baking passion with them, and how they're inspired with such brilliant ideas for their products. One service proving popular with Dorothy and Theodore's customers is the 'Cake Slice Club'. When a customer purchases the service they will receive a slice of cake every week or month from The Cake Nest for as long as they've 'subscribed' for. Customers are purchasing the 'Cake Slice Club' as gifts for their friends and family, giving them something fun and different for Christmas.

The Cake Nest's products are perfect for Dorothy and Theodore, fitting with the other sellers and products available from them seamlessly. A Customer Service Liaison for Dorothy and Theodore added, "We're always looking for new sellers to add to our ranges that fit with our ideals of supporting handmade businesses. Nothing says handmade like a cake and The Cake Nest produce some really beautiful products which are thoroughly enjoyable to eat. Their Cake Slice Club product shows signs of being one of our most popular products in the future."

Dorothy and Theodore is an online baby gifts retailer of products for parents. They are always looking for new products to offer to customers through their website, personally finding them and approving them if they meet their ideals, supporting businesses that produce handmade products.

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