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Don Ledford Automotive Vehicles to Feature New OnStar Features and Design

OnStar has a redesigned interface and new features that will be featured in new GM vehicles, available at Don Ledford Automotive in Cleveland, TN.

General Motors (GM) recently released images of what the all-new OnStar interface will look like, as well as plans for new OnStar features. Customers can get a first-hand look at the new buttons by visiting Don Ledford Automotive in Cleveland, TN.

All three of the buttons on the rearview mirror interface have been changed. What was once a white phone enclosed by a circle for hands-free callings is now voice-command button. The new button can be utilized for more than making phone calls. It now allows drivers to access any number of services, from saved routes and MapQuest directions to checking the weather and stock updates.

"Many drivers are unaware of all that OnStar has to offer," said Douglas McKibbon, engineering group manager, OnStar Hardware. "We feel this new look will better shows the breadth of our voice-based services."

The emergency button has also been changed from its former white cross inside a red circle to an "SOS" symbol. The "SOS" symbol is globally recognized and GM hopes that this change will help them as they continue to expand into different international markets.

"As we continue to expand, we want to make sure that our product and our service stay consistent throughout all markets," said Terry Inch, vice president, Sales, Marketing and New Business Development. "Emergency service is a staple of OnStar and that's why we moved to a globally recognizable symbol."

The buttons aren't the only thing about OnStar getting an update. GM promises the OnStar will offer drivers unrivaled connectivity to the entertainment features they crave. Drivers can link their smartphones to their vehicles through OnStar, and OnStar will even act as a Wi-Fi hot spot for passengers.

To get a look at the new OnStar interface, or to experience all the new features of OnStar, visit Don Ledford Automotive in Cleveland, TN. You can also visit online at or call 423-476-1191.

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