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Doctors in Kolkata and Doctors in Delhi are well trained and now they are taking full advantage of the Internet to reach out to patients by providing Online doctor Consultation

With the advent of the Internet lives of people across the world have changed dramatically. Internet has become a medium of communication, a way of living and has helped business and trade to flourish in many ways. One of the most important things that Internet has improved is the communication and the response time between people from across the globe. Before Internet people were using snail mails to deliver letters, samples of goods, which took months to reach and sometimes were also not delivered. But due to Internet snail mail has almost become obsolete where people can easily send email in seconds and also send pictures and photos instantly to people all across the globe. Most of the Industries and trades across the world are taking full advantage of the Internet and are making businesses become easier and more productive.

Healthcare sector which is also the evergreen sector was a little reluctant to take the advantage of Internet to start with. But slowly when people started to understand the benefits of Internet and how it can be used to build credentials and thus attract more people to your doorsteps made them interested and started to draw big attention of healthcare service providers like Hospitals, nursing homes and doctors. Both Doctors in Kolkata and Doctors in Delhi which are Metro cities in India have started to take advantages of the Internet from an early date. Many doctors would create their personal web pages and would reflect and highlight the services and treatments offered by them. As Internet started to spread its wings more and more people started to use it and the doctors who were early starters gained massive advantages and more and more patients visited them and they reaped the full benefits of the Internet.

Both Doctors in Kolkata and Doctors in Delhi have started two important services on the Internet. One of them is taking Online Doctor Appointment or Online Appointment booking where the patients can sit from the comfort of their homes whether at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. and book doctors appointment without any hassles. This service has revolutionized how doctors operate their practice. Phone bookings are primitive now and many doctors have started to be online doctors and taking online appointments.

Another important service offered by both Doctors in Kolkata and Doctors in Delhi is Online Doctors consultation or Doctors advice online. This has also become a very popular service among people and many people are opting for it. The service is a free platform where people can ask for initial doctor's advice on the Internet and if he/she finds the answer is suitable then they can also book appointment with the doctor. The Ask a doctor feature has become very successful and doctors are using this tool to draw and attract more patients to their practice.

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